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Photography Does Sell Real Estate

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 5, 2008 -- "Location, location, location" is the common catch phrase when buying a house. "Photography, photography, photography" will soon be the new advice when selling., a for-sale-by-owner ( website, conducted a study monitoring listings over a 30-day period which clearly showed that pictures that are poor or less-than-flattering can turn buyers off, leading to fewer leads and offers.

According to these findings, properties which feature just one photo generated approximately three views and two leads, while listings displaying 20 or more images received over 62 views and close to 15 leads. And listings with fewer photos sold for less. The closed NET price as a percentage of the original price also showed a direct correlation. These findings are based on 2007 numbers and are again estimates.

- 1 Photo = 86% of Original Price

- 10 or more = 93% of Original Price

Another study relating to the number of photos a listing posts compares photos to the number of days on market (DOM). The findings show that listings with more photos sold faster. This is the shake down on the photos to days on market (average) analysis.

- 1 photo = 80 DOM

- 16-19 photos = 42 DOM

- 20+ photos = 30 DOM

In real estate, the number of pictures accompanying a listing can be worth thousands of dollars. A $300,000 home, sporting only one photo, could sell for as much as 3.8% less or a loss of over $11,000, just because there was only one photo accompanying the listing. More amazing is the fact that only 12% of sellers posted the maximum 20 photos.

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