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How To Choose The Right Neckline For Your Wedding Dress

When it comes to your wedding and picking the wedding dress of your dreams, it seems like a million options are being thrown at you. The best thing to do is remember what is important and to deal with those things first.

Something that is vital to any dress and often sneaks under the radar in terms of importance is the right neckline. Necklines are the first ladies of the dress world, you may not notice them if they're doing their job properly, but if they aren't, it is tough to ignore.

You need to think about this very carefully. You want to draw attention to your upper body and face, but at the same time you dont want to look like a common strumpet. If you do, by all means go ahead, it is your day after all. A first-rate dress will draw attention to the positive features and leave out the bad.

A useful point of reference is to think about what tops you wear on a daily basis. This will help to find something that is both comfortable and, when made of silky white material, absolutely stunning. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing your dress, you have to feel good. After all no one likes a grimacing bride in the wedding photos!

There are a range of options when it comes to necklines, a few of these are:

1) The low round or scooped neck. This tends to not draw too much attention to any one part of your body. This means that everyone will be looking at your face. Make sure your hair will be looking stunning if you're going to opt for this.

2) The Halter neckline. This is perfect if you're a bit larger around the shoulders. You also run the risk of making your bust look uneven, so if you are going to go with this for your dress, make sure that you find a tailor you trust to make the alterations.

3) The Sweetheart neckline. This is perfect when you want to accentuate your bust. It gives flattering lines to both your face and neckline, bringing a bit of glamour to things. This works well with a romantic type of dress.

4) The V neck. The old faithful of wedding dresses. A V neck is both classic, and depending on how low you want it, a little bit daring too. It tends to draw the eye down and into the centre of the dress. Remember that you need to be very conscious of how low this dress dips, take your eye off the ball for one second and you're going to be finding all sorts of new uses for double sided tape.

5) You can also go off the shoulder. Now be warned, this is something you need to be comfortable with. If you're not comfortable with this dress you will spend the whole day fidgeting, do you really want to spend your wedding day squirming? This is one of those dresses that needs your confidence to work, so if you've got it, flaunt it!

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