www.weddingchannel.com), the number one wedding and gift registry website, has compiled the most popular new wedding rules and now announces a "New Traditions" channel (www.weddingchannel.com/newtraditions) for modern brides and grooms.">

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Will You Be My Bridesman? WeddingChannel.com Announces New Wedding Traditions: Gender-Bending Rituals, Alternative Registries, and Friends as

LOS ANGELES (Business Wire EON) April 28, 2008 -- "Although couples may think they're bucking tradition, they're actually collectively creating new wedding rules," says Christa Vagnozzi, senior editor of WeddingChannel.com. "Asking their best guy friend to be a man of honor, deciding to keep their last name, and registering for their honeymoon are becoming more mainstream as brides and grooms strive to incorporate their personal style."

Here are the WeddingChannel.com wedding traditions for the twenty-first century:

Gender-Bending Rituals

Man of honor? Best woman? Brides and grooms are no longer dismissing their best friends of the opposite sex when it comes to their wedding. In fact, according to a WeddingChannel.com poll, an overwhelming 63% of brides would ask their best friend to be a bridesman or man of honor if they were a guy.

WeddingChannel.com Tip: Kleinfeld Bridal co-owner and WeddingChannel.com fashion expert Mara Urshel suggests, "When it comes to what to wear, a bridesman should wear a tie, pocket kerchief, and boutonniere to match the bridesmaid dresses and bouquets. As for the groomswoman, it's best if she wears the same color as the bridesmaids, but not the same dress nor the same flowers."

Friends as Officiants

According to a WeddingChannel.com poll, 59% of couples would be interested in having a friend or family member officiate. After all, who better to help you tie the knot than a close childhood friend or a favorite relative? Whether it's an interfaith ceremony or in the great outdoors, there's nothing more intimate than opting for a friend or relative to help you say "I do."

WeddingChannel.com Tip: "Make sure whoever you choose to officiate your wedding understands the style of the ceremony and their responsibilities, and is up to the challenge," says Yifat Oren, WeddingChannel.com style expert and celebrity wedding planner. "An ideal officiant is not only someone who is important to the bride and groom, but is articulate and capable of handling such an important event. Couples should offer to help write the ceremony content to ensure there won't be any last-minute surprises."

The Name Game

Don't make any assumptions when it comes to a bride's last name. According to the Real Weddings Survey 2007 by The Knot Wedding Network, 12% of brides don't plan on taking their spouse's name upon marriage. Whether it's for professional reasons or the bride just likes her maiden name more, wedding guests shouldn't expect to hear "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs." at the next wedding.

For those who aren't taking a spouse's last name, there's also the option of blending it - combining both last names to create a brand new one. A recent WeddingChannel.com poll found that 15% of brides would consider blending their last names.

WeddingChannel.com Tip: To help couples come up with a blended last name, WeddingChannel.com has launched "The Name Game" tool (www.weddingchannel.com/thenamegame.html) where all they have to do is enter their last names and new blended options will come up.

Alternative Registries

What do horseback riding lessons, a hi-def plasma-screen TV, and $100 for the Humane Society have in common? They're all things that couples are registering for these days. With engaged couples typically registering at two to three different retailers, don't be surprised if one of them is at a retailer like Amazon.com, Cloud 9 Living, or Traveler's Joy.

WeddingChannel.com Tip: "It is perfectly okay to register for nontraditional gifts. These days, couples often own the items they would receive in a registry, and they may want to save for a honeymoon or give to a charity," says WeddingChannel.com etiquette expert Peggy Post. "Keep in mind that some guests may not be comfortable giving in a nontraditional fashion, so couples should graciously accept more traditional gifts."

About WeddingChannel.com

WeddingChannel.com is the number one wedding and gift registry website, offering comprehensive wedding planning content, interactive tools, a panel of experts, and a central location for couples to manage their gift registries. From beauty to decor to fashion, WeddingChannel.com contributors include the most sought-after wedding professionals, such as celebrity wedding planner Yifat Oren, five-time Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Eve Pearl, celebrity wedding photographer Robert Evans, and Kleinfeld Bridal co-owner Mara Urshel.

WeddingChannel.com is based in Los Angeles and is a part of The Knot Inc. (NASDAQ: KNOT) lifestage media network.

NOTE TO EDITORS: For more celebrity trend ideas, check out WeddingChannel.com. To interview an expert or executive from WeddingChannel.com, or to obtain statistics, tips, checklists, or high-resolution photos, contact Jacalyn Lee, Public Relations Manager at 212.515.1598 or [email protected].

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