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New Innovative Solution for Modern Flash Photography

South San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 25, 2008 -- The solution to a variety of flash-related problems that have plagued photographers for years has arrived, in the form of an innovative new device, known as the VerteX?.

Silicon Valley inventor Kenneth Law's patent-pending design combines a wide range of light modification features into one single, easy-to-use lightweight device.

With the VerteX?, photographers are able to (1) easily control the diffusion of light while on the move, using only one hand, (2) manipulate the flow and quality of light in ways not possible with other existing devices and (3) achieve longer battery life, faster recycle times, higher f-stop and lower ISO options.

The VerteX? gives photographers the ability to quickly command specific light qualities from a modern swivel-head flash unit.

The VerteX? can project diffused and specular light at virtually any angle, in multiple directions simultaneously from a single flash unit. This introduces on-the-go lighting solutions never before possible.

Small in size, lightweight and self-contained, the VerteX? can convert between a soft white diffuser and a mirror reflector for full-power bouncing with a quick twist of its dual-surface panels. These panels are instantly adjustable, detachable and interchangeable with one hand.

The VerteX? makes it possible for wedding and portrait photographers to "steer" light away from obstacles, toward their target. The convenient thumb-shift control enables event photographers to quickly dial in the bounce-to-fill ratio. The VerteX? is intended to put new lighting opportunities at the fingertips of professional and enthusiast photographers alike.

"Weddings and other fast-paced events call for a wide variety of easy-to-implement lighting options," says Kenneth Law, PRESSlite's founder and lead designer. "Because lighting requirements change continuously, a tool that makes it possible to transform light modification properties on-the-fly is therefore of great value. Move-and-Modify becomes a necessity in this line of work and is indeed the fundamental principle behind the PRESSlite VerteX? design."

An interactive demo and further details are available online at

Headquartered in South San Francisco, California, PRESSlite is the manufacturer of the PRESSlite VerteX?. The VerteX? was conceived and engineered in Silicon Valley, USA.

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This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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