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Digital Photography Forum Site Publishes Free Video Tutorials

Garson, Ontario (PRWEB) April 27, 2008 -- Three free video tutorials were recently published in the NoBS Photo Success Newsletter, a monthly e-publication filled with digital photography resources. The photography tutorials focus on doing headshots, setting up and doing a baby session, and how to do a baby session workflow.

The first of these photography tutorials shows the setup for a dynamic headshot that is perfect for high school seniors. This will come in handy as the school year draws to a close and more photographers will be taking these types of photos. The second tutorial in this month's photography forum shows how to set up a baby shoot from start to finish. This tutorial covers all that goes into setting the baby shoot up, from the bean bag to the lighting, and finishes up with the actual photographing of the baby. The last video shows a NoBS workflow that will make baby images pop.

All three of these photography tutorials were produced by James Hodgins, who was recently awarded his Master of Photography.

To view this tutorial and catch up on the latest digital photography techniques and trends, go to

For more information about NoBS Photo Success' digital photography resources and photography forum, go to

About NoBS Photo Success:

NoBS Photo Success was founded four years ago by Canadian professional photographers Robert Provencher and James Hodgins. Their goal is to provide professional photographers of all skill levels with comprehensive online digital photography resources to create and sustain a successful business. Members can take advantage of countless business and marketing tips to promote their success in photography, with lighting tutorials, PhotoShop tutorials, downloads and information on the hottest trends.


Robert Provencher

[email protected]

NoBS Photo Success

Garson, Ontario


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