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9 Vital Ways to Keep PMS from Destroying your Wedding Day (and Night)

San Diego, California (PRWEB) April 22, 2008 -- When planning the guest list for her wedding, no woman ever thinks of the unexpected monthly visitor that terrorizes every beautiful event. In fact, often caught up in finding the perfect dress, band, honeymoon, and caterer, the most commonly overlooked plan is how to avoid the mood swings and cramps associated with PMS that can turn a blushing bride into Lizzy Borden.

Whether your wedding is months or a year away, the experts at PMS Central ( suggest ten simple steps that will help you have your fantasy wedding without an unwanted hormonal guest.

1. Personality Type - Find out what type of PMS Princess you are. Use the powerful personality quiz at PMS Central to help you identify the symptoms of your PMS personality. No matter if you're Scary Poppins or Weeping Beauty, knowing what face your PMS will wear can be a tremendous help in avoiding the potential decapitation of your future mother-in-law or an embarrassing breakdown at the rehearsal dinner.

2. Master Calendar -You plan your wedding down to the very last detail invasion, so why not plan around your PMS the same way? PMS Central ( offers a free PMS calendar to chart your PMS symptoms. Once you've completed the PMS calendar, you can avoid making critical decisions when PMS hits and get free emails delivered directly to your inbox to remind you to take it easy on yourself.

3. Communicate - Share the PMS calendar with your fiancé. This will help him understand why some days dealing with wedding details could have horrible ramifications. It will also help the two of you avoid misunderstandings and arguments. You can also tell him to check out PMS Red Flag ( where he can get his own email alerts and find informative articles on how to save himself during PMS time.

4. Better To Give Than Receive - As a gift to yourself, give your fiancée The Princess and the PMS/The Prince and the PMS ( book. The book has information on what he should do when you are experiencing PMS, as well as, relationship advice that will help your love outlast PMS.

5. Find "Me" Time - Make sure you include some "me time" in your wedding calendar, ideally on days when you're PMSing. Spend the day at the spa to get a mani-pedi, a facial. and a full-body massage to ward off even the most evil bout of PMS.

6. Eating Well - Brides tend to stop eating during the planning because it is such a busy time. However, grabbing fast food or simply starving is the last thing you want to do, especially if you have PMS. To keep it simple, eat what the Greeks eat. The Mediterranean Diet is associated with a reduction in joint swelling, aches, and promotes weight loss--all encouraging for a PMS stricken bride-to-be.

7. Remember Your Supplements and Vitamins - Between the planning and the million details, it's easy to get run-down before you take one step down the aisle. Add PMS to the mix and you're not going to be at your best. Vitamins and supplements can provide additional relief from your menacing monthly visitor. Find a balanced multivitamin formulated for PMS. In addition, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, omega-3 fatty acids and GABA are particularly helpful in treating PMS.

8. Exercise to Increase Endorphins - Make sure to maintain exercise routine during your pre-wedding planning. Don't think you have time between picking out the bridesmaid dresses and selecting your wedding menu? A walk with your fiancé counts as exercise and can bring you closer during this hectic time.

9. Wedding Planner - If it is in your budget, it's always nice to have some extra help. If you hire a wedding planner, remember to share your PMS calendar. The wedding planner will thank you.

Arguably the most important day in any woman life, her wedding day is also the most hectic day without PMS. With PMS, the mood swings, cramps, and headaches might make planning the event overwhelming. By employing these dynamic methods from the experts of PMS Central (, the bride will be blushing because of happiness instead of an outburst!

About PMS Central

PMS Central ( provides tools and advice to help women address the often taboo subject of Premenstrual Syndrome. PMS Central is full of helpful information from professional experts on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and transformational skills that enable women to better manage PMS symptoms.

The site is a companion to the bestselling book, The Princess and the PMS /The Prince and the PMS, a hers and his guide to managing the monthly mayhem. Combining medical advice from top specialists with Sex & the City sensibilities, this two-in-one book offers a unique perspective on PMS. In its pages, women will learn to treat every PMS symptom from aches to zits and using supplements and herbs to treat everything from migraines to a hardcore Ding Dong® addiction. Men learn just what they're up against monthly with a unique and humorous primer on women's cycles and mood swings, complemented by the Web site, Most importantly, for both men and women, the book includes chapters with advice from relationship experts who have a unique way of handing PMS its walking papers.


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