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Just In Time for the Recession: An Architectural Photography Company That Pays the Client; Collinstock Opens Online With Unique Approach to Photo Shoo

Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) April 16, 2008 -- launches this month as a new resource for on-location photography in the architectural industry, but with a twist.

Backed by more than 40 highly acclaimed architectural photographers across North America and Europe, Collinstock helps architects, builders, remodelers and designers get very good pictures of their projects. It then "harvests" images of building products and licenses them to manufacturers, dealers and their agencies.

Headed by Steve Collins, former CEO of the Omnicom-owned Martin Williams ad agency in the Twin Cities, the company currently has signed on photographers in 28 cities across North America and the United Kingdom. It hopes to have 75 photographers by the end of the year at different price levels in most major cities in throughout North America and Europe (See List of Photographers below*).

"We know it is very difficult for many manufacturers to get images of their projects in the market, because there is a lack of specific information about the "who, what, when, and where" of the project. Many hours are spent doing the backgrounding and research, just to get to the point of hiring a photographer. We do all that work for the manufacturer," said Collins.

The site will also serve as a resource to anyone looking for professional images and photographers for residential, commercial, landscape and golf architecture, as well as famous places, products and brands.

"This is a win/win/win for everyone," said Collins. "Through Collinstock, the architect, builder, designer and others can get premium photography at a subsided cost and gain greater visibility for their projects in the publishing world; the manufacturer gets access to important location images at very good rates; and photographers have a bigger market for their images."

Collinstock will also manage photography process:

Collinstock provides outsourcing services to manage the entire year's photography budget, and then help clients leverage the images successfully. "If we manage it, I can almost guarantee the client will save anywhere from 10-20% of their photography budget, because we match the photographer appropriately to the job and also incorporate volume discount savings," said Collins.

Helps small or large companies market client projects:

Probably the biggest benefit of the company is for smaller, local companies, or very large national companies, to get their work organized, shot and put in front of editors. "We run into architects all the time who are so busy, they don't have time to think about getting shots of their projects, let alone how they get shots sent to the right influencers in the publishing world, Collins says. "We have a turnkey approach to help this group and others begin a dialog with editors. In addition, for a small consulting fee, we can help them make better use of the images in public relations, collateral, website and search engine marketing," said Collins.


The Collinstock website,, offers a wide variety of photographers for hire and architectural images to license. Image categories include residential and commercial architecture, landscape and golf architecture, products, brands and famous places. The company also offers consulting services to help manufacturers, architects, builders, remodelers and designers create better marketing materials and strategies.

For more information contact Steve Collins at 612-735-7717 or 866-917-4974, (toll free) or steve @

*Some of the well-known photographers include:

* Atlanta: Rion Rizzo, Jim Roof, Jonathan Harper

* Boston: Greg Premru, Edua Wilde, Eric Scott

* Buffalo: James Cavanaugh

* Toronto, Canada: Peter Sellar

* Colorado Springs: David Beightol

* Connecticut: John and Cassidy Olson, John Kane, Jeff Yardis

* Chicago: Susan Carr, Gary Cialdella

* Denver: Monika Hileary

* Los Angeles: Brian Jones, Doug Hill

* Miami: Mike Butler

* Milwaukee: David Bader

* Minneapolis: Peter Wong, Dana Wheelock, Andrea Rugg, Karen Melvin, Troy Thies, Shawn Nielsen

* Montana: Gordon Gregory, Mark Bryant

* Maine: Scott Dorrance

* Napa Valley: Douglas Sterling

* Philadelphia: Peter Kubilus

* San Francisco: Paul Dyer

* San Diego: Roland Bishop

* Washington DC: Carol Highsmith, Erik Kvalsvik

* Washington State: Laurie Black

* England: Niall Cotton, Jack Eames, John Evans, Paul Freeman, Simon Kirwan, Colin Streater, Charlotte Junker

* Scotland: Paul Bock


Steve Collins, Collinstock

Hi-Res Images Available Upon Request

612-735-7717 or 866-917-4974 (toll free)

steve @


This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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