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Amherst Media Presents Big Bucks Selling Your Photography by Cliff Hollenbeck in its 4th Edition

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) April 16, 2008 -- There's more to going into business than hanging up a sign and propping open the front door. According to author Cliff Hollenbeck, quality products, good business sense, strong marketing strategies, and the right attitude are also needed to make it in the photo industry.

Big Bucks Selling Your Photography ( offers the solid advice to get the necessary funding, attract clients, stay out of legal trouble, and rake in the dough. Learn how to create a sound business plan that will appeal to lenders; how and when to apply for copyrights for images; what is covered in the typical model release; how to set and collect fair rates; how to reach out to potential stock markets (and how to find an agency that can make doing just that a little easier); what type of images they'll buy, and much more. "Photographers will discover what it takes to create a portfolio that really speaks to potential clients," and how to sell themselves and their images. Because the government requires a cut of the earnings, learn just what is required at tax time, how to determine what qualifies as a tax deduction, and how to deal with audits.

Chock full with over twenty forms to copy for business use, and featuring plenty of practical tips and resources that will keep the business moving in the right direction, this book will inspire all to achieve artistic and financial goals. This fourth edition provides all of the wit and wisdom Hollenbeck is known for, making complex subjects like legal responsibility, taxes, and marketing anything but dull. Featuring new discussions on how digital technology impacts the creative and marketing sides of this business, this book truly is the key to making it in this industry. Buy It Here (


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Hallmark Institute of Photography Hosts Daylong Seminar Featuring Iconic Photographers Harry Benson and Gregory Heisler
Iconic Photographers Harry Benson and Greg Heisler, two of the imaging industry's leading photographers, presented a daylong seminar to Hallmark Institute of Photography's Class of 2007 on Monday May 14, 2007.

Online Entries Open for World Renowned Nature Photography Competition
Winning images exhibited at Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. Awards open to photographers of all levels of experience. $25,000 in cash and prizes.

Meaningful Wedding Gift Ideas
A wedding is one of the most special days planned in a life. Everything must be perfect, thought of and taken care of so that the wedding day turns out as beautiful as a dream.

Enrolling Into A Wedding Planning School - Wedding Planning Tips
Seems you are interested in becoming a wedding planner The choose is completely yours, keeping searching for clients telling them you can do the job or then enrolling into a wedding school shall be a better option

Top Five Tips for a Cheaper Wedding
Weddings are expensive, probably one of the most expensive days of your life. As an insider in the industry, I am going to offer you five easy, logical and practical tips for you to reduce the cost of your wedding. These are just ideas for guidance that should result in you saving thousands from your weddings costs.

Choosing A Great Wedding Favor
Wedding favor is a small gift given as gesture of appreciation to wedding guest from the bride and groom Giving a wedding favor to wedding guest is a tradition in such country

10 Fun Theme Ideas For An Unforgettable Wedding Reception
Reception themes are often more relaxed than wedding themes because they are meant to be provided in a party atmosphere.

Slash Your Wedding Ceremony Bills
When it comes to your wedding services alone, nobody wants to spend an arm and a leg on this and still have to foot the bill for the reception. Really it depends on where you want to your wedding to be and what type of service that you are hoping to have.

Professional Wedding Photography Tips for Everyone
A great tip on Preparation The wedding is probably a good few weeks away now, so anyone who you want to be taking photos for you would probably benefit from previewing the location, so give them a call and arrange to all go together and check out the location, don't put it off, if you think you know a good spot to use then go there and take some friends along, take the bride, groom, bridesmaids & best man if you can, look around for good backgrounds, where is the sun? Work out where the sun will be on the day when you are taking the group shots, you don' t want everyone squinting with the sun in their eye's. Take the camera and do some test shots, then if you don't like the background or location, you still have time to change ...

Need Ideas For Your Destination Wedding
Now that you have finally decided to take the plunge, the next question is where should you spend you special day From a cozy little chateau in France, to an intimate inn in the upper part of New York, all the way to a museum in San Francisco, here are ten of the most romantic places in the world to spend your wedding

Infrared Digital Photography - Sneaky Sneaky
It seems as the the larger the town you live in, the more the crime rate increases. This should let you to have some fun with digital photography and infrared digital photography since you have the chance to capture some cool photos of crooks being arrested. You would also have the satisfaction of knowing that you played a small role in helping the law enforcement capture some of the many law breaking citizens of our society. You'd help in taking a few of them off the streets at a time, and ensure that our lives and the lives of our children would be in less danger.

An Overview of Wedding Cruise Packages
Little girls dream of growing up one day, wearing a white veil and walking down the aisle. However, by the time it is about to happen, perspectives and desires may have changed. No longer wanting a ?traditional? wedding, everybody wants to do it differently, some going so far as getting married underwater. That sounds uncomfortable and not romantic at all and, well, wet. One alternative that still manages to be romantic albeit nontraditional is the wedding cruise, sometimes referred to as the honeymoon cruise because the actual wedding is performed at the port. Think Love Boat and you get a picture of how it could be romantic. You still get married surrounded by water but you can dispense with the oxygen mask.

4 Ways To Add The Funny To A Wedding Speech Or Toast
Some of the best wedding speeches have been some of the funniest. Yet, many brides, grooms, father?s, best men, and more are wary of adding humor to their speeches for fear that they will not be funny. Yet humor can add a touch of light to a day filled with emotions. Humor is a great way to cut through the sentimental while offering the bride and groom your best. So, how can you ?add the funny? to your wedding speech? Here are four tips to get you started:

Wedding Reception Perfection: Tips and Suggestions
Over the past years I have performed at many, many wedding receptions. From my experiences I've come up with some keys to help insure a smooth, enjoyable and trouble-free day.

Luxe Expressions' 2008 Stationery Wedding Line Embraces the Environment
According to data from The Wedding Report, a provider of statistics and market research for the wedding industry, the average number of guests at today's weddings is 167. Figure the number of invitations it takes to attract such a crowd and you quickly realize that there's a lot of paper being shuttled back and forth between invitees and the soon-to-be newlyweds. Where all that paper ends up is a concern to environmentally conscious people around the globe. Luxe Expressions, a couture design studio that specializes in designing custom wedding suites and other stationery, is addressing those concerns with its recently introduced 2008 line of products. The Atlanta-based company prints on letterpresses and offers designs that work with enviro...

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