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Getting the Most from Your Wedding Videography

Most brides and wedding planners are very meticulous about choosing a wedding photographer. But fewer consider the benefits of a qualified videographer to record their wedding for posterity.

Video cameras have come a long way from the bulky and inefficient videocassette recorders of twenty years ago. The modern digital camera offers improved picture quality and sound, even while advances in computer software enable editors to create a wedding video that's virtually as good as anything on television.

Choosing the right videographer is a matter of setting a budget and determining how important a sleek, well-produced video is to your wedding keepsake collection.

Two Different Approaches: Journalistic vs. Cinematic

The differing styles of the finished wedding video represent two distinct aesthetic approaches. As its name implies, the cinematic presentation method more closely resembles a motion picture, with editing and other effects manipulated to create a mood or feeling that accentuates the wedding and reception images. Cinematic approaches to the wedding video may include montages set to music, sophisticated editing techniques, and even special graphics.

The journalistic style is more documentary-like in structure and scope, with video presented of events as they occurred in real time. Journalistic approaches may include interviews with wedding party participants, family and friends, and guests as they relate their best wishes and observations to the new couple.

A third type of style is made to resemble a family film or traditional home movie. Some wedding videographers have even begun using 8 and 16mm film stock to record images, then transferring it to digital video, in order to give a "homey" aesthetic effect.

Choosing the Right Videographer That's Right For You

All reputable wedding videographers will have samples of their work for you to browse, and most will have samples of a variety of price packages and styles. In fact, many in the wedding videography trade are professional cameramen and women who work in other forms of video media such as television news and commercial production. Their work may specialize in the journalist style.

Alternately, you may be able to find filmmakers who take a cinematic approach to the final product. As with all major wedding decisions, you should determine first how the video would reflect the tone and theme of your wedding decoration plan. In that way, you'll be able to capture the feel of your wedding as well as the sights and sounds.

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