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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 1, 2008 -- Simplicity is the theme for summer weddings of 2008, according to (, one of the largest online wedding planning resources for engaged couples.

"This year we are seeing couples take a more casual and more personal approach to wedding planning. The weddings that tend to be most memorable are those that reflect a simple beauty while allowing the couple's personality to shine through," says Nicole Kraft, Editorial Director of "I think these trends speak to the desire of many today to keep life simple--even wedding planning. As we continue to lead busier and busier lives, it's becoming necessary to stick to the basics," explains Kraft. uncovers wedding trends for summer 2008:

More Green Weddings

Environmentally sensitive weddings have proven to be more than a trend as they continue to be as popular as ever in 2008. Over 80% of users said they will incorporate something eco-friendly into their wedding.

Branded Weddings

To make planning easier and more cohesive, many couples are choosing to create a "wedding logo" to theme their wedding around. Not only does this help couples narrow down choices for dïr and food, it also gives couples a chance to infuse their personality into their wedding's design.

Local Destination Weddings

Couples are deciding to think like tourists in their own towns and opting out of the traditional church and reception hall wedding. Instead, many are choosing wedding venues that have vacation appeal, right in their own towns. This way couples get the best of both worlds--the feeling of a destination wedding, without the long-distance planning hassles.

888 Weddings

While 7/7/07 was the hot wedding date last year, this summer couples are making their lives easier by choosing a wedding date they'll never forget--8/8/08. The date falls on a Friday, which often reduces the cost of a traditional Saturday afternoon wedding--making it an even more attractive choice for simplicity-seeking couples.

Favorable Favors

Couples are opting out of the traditional miniature monogrammed wedding bells and choosing to hand out favors their guest can really use. This summer's favorite favors include: potted plants that double as centerpieces, seed packets, miniature jars of honey or fruit preserves, personalized tea bags, and other perishable items.

For additional information or to schedule an interview, contact Nicole Kraft.


Founded in 2001, ( has quickly become one of the best online wedding planning tools in the country. As one of the most comprehensive online wedding media channels, offers local wedding guides, free wedding websites and blogs to its users making it the first and only social networking site for engaged couples. Utilizing proprietary Internet technology for publishing and managing advertising listings, makes wedding planning easy and fun for couples while providing highly targeted local advertising to wedding vendors.


Nicole Kraft

Editorial & Media Director


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