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Photography Forum Site Conducts Poll on Common Online Equipment Buying Scams

Garson, Ontario (PRWEB) March 29, 2008 -- In a recent poll conducted by NoBS Photo Success, which provides online digital photography resources, 29 percent of members reported that they had been scammed when attempting to purchase equipment on eBay. Surprisingly, these members continue using the online giant to purchase equipment, but with much more caution.

One NoBS member was recently scammed out of $800 in an eBay transaction gone wrong. The individual paid $800 via Western Union for a pair of Alien Bee lights she thought she had won in the online auction site. Only after unsuccessfully attempting to contact the seller did the member realize she had been scammed. Several NoBS members chipped in to help her recuperate some of the stolen money. To read more about this and how to avoid getting scammed, go to

As a site that provides digital photography tips, the team at NoBS Photo Success was sure to provide information to their members about how to safely go about purchasing from eBay. If the deal seems too good to be true, for example, it is probably the sign of a scam artist at work. If the seller seems to be in a hurry, it could also be the sign of a scam. Photographers should check the seller's history before making any purchases on eBay or any other auction site.

For more information about NoBS Photo Success' digital photography resources and photography forum, go to

About NoBS Photo Success:

NoBS Photo Success was founded four years ago by Canadian professional photographers Robert Provencher and James Hodgins. Their goal is to provide professional photographers of all skill levels with comprehensive online digital photography resources to create and sustain a successful business. Members can take advantage of countless business and marketing tips to promote their success in photography, with lighting tutorials, PhotoShop tutorials, downloads and information on the hottest trends.


Robert Provencher

NoBS Photo Success

Garson, Ontario



This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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