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Studio S Photography Responds to Reality of Digital Marketplace by Offering All New Clients Images with Copyright Releases

Nashville, Tennessee (PRWEB) March 27, 2008 -- In recognition of the trends of the digital era, Nashville photographer ( Kevin Sommers of announces that all consumer and commercial clients will be provided a DVD of high quality color corrected images with a written copyright release following the shoot. The copyright release grants clients the freedom to legally reproduce the images at will wherever or whenever for personal reproduction or commercial promotional purposes. Studio S acknowledges that most everyone now owns a scanner. Studio S would rather grant the client the ability to legally distribute the high quality original rather than have its work distributed as a poor quality scanned duplicate.

The copyright free DVD also frees the client from traditional "package print deals". The client can either order prints from Studio S ala carte or the client is free to order prints from any vendor the client chooses courtesy of the copyright release. This is a major departure from the established pricing structure of most studios which rely heavily on the entrenched package pricing structure. Most clients now have access to the same processing labs as the professionals and are aware that some of the price differentials between wholesale and some retail charges. Studio S prefers to charge a reasonable creative fee up front for its services.

Studio S operates out of a refurbished historic 1910 bank building near Nashville, Tennessee in Kingston Springs, Tennessee. Mr. Sommers' 90 acre scenic farm complete with a horse stable, a lake with a fountain, and miles of black board fence is only 2 miles away for outdoor private location shots and is considered an extension of the studio.

Mr. Sommers frequently travels internationally to bring a world view to his work. He provides portraits and portfolios for families, seniors, models, musicians and commercial clients. An overview of the studio's work may be found at


Kevin Sommers, Photographer

Studio S Photographer

615.952.9882 (studio)

615.498.5697 (cell)

615.952.5621 (fax)

# # #

This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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