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Las Vegas Wedding Category Added to Las Vegas Tourist Guide,

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) March 11, 2008 --, a popular travel guide for those who are looking for things to do in Las Vegas (, is proud to announce the release of a new category on the website. This new Las Vegas Wedding category is perfect for those who want to know everything about Las Vegas Weddings (, and includes information about Las Vegas shopping, Las Vegas shows, and Las Vegas attractions. The new category will also help people plan all aspects of a wedding in Las Vegas.

The new Las Vegas Wedding category is an excellent resource for those who are going to be getting married in Las Vegas. With the lenient marriage laws in the state of Nevada, many people choose to have a Las Vegas wedding. The Las Vegas Wedding category will tell you how to get a marriage license in Nevada, as well as where the best chapels are for Las Vegas weddings. This new category will also provide information on bachelor and bachelorette parties, shopping for Las Vegas weddings, the great Las Vegas shows to see after your wedding, and other Las Vegas attractions you might want to visit with your new spouse.

This new category will also connect you to other categories on the website, so that they all combine to make your Las Vegas wedding experience as memorable as possible. Some of the other categories on the website that combine with the new Las Vegas Weddings category include what to do in Las Vegas:

? Las Vegas Shows

? Las Vegas Information

? Las Vegas Nightclubs

? Las Vegas Shopping

? Las Vegas Attractions

? Las Vegas Shows

? And many more! is proud and excited to present the new addition to the website, Las Vegas Weddings. Look for more interesting and informative categories to come from in the future, and enjoy the wedding category when it is your turn to tie the knot. For more information call 781-223-3651 or visit

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Elite PhotoArt Expands into Elevated Photography
Elite PhotoArt of Springfield, Missouri expands their business to include Elevated Photography. The business segment is "Elevation, Elevated Photography by Elite PhotoArt.

Involving The Family In Wedding Planning
Determining how to blend a pre-existing family into your wedding planning isn't always easy. Much of it depends on the couple's ceremonial choices and the talents of those involved. With today's lifestyles, often a new marriage isn't simply between a bride and groom, but children, friends and family as well. Rather than the traditional designations of "junior groomsman" and "junior bridesmaids" some couples are opting for larger, more fulfilling roles for their offspring and loved ones.

7 Stupid Wedding Mistakes Even Smart Couples Make
"What in the world could they have been thinking?"Definitely words you DON'T want to hear your guests uttering at your wedding. But despite your best intentions, sometimes things slip through the cracks.

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A short list of the most common terms used in digital photography:

How To Choose The Right Neckline For Your Wedding Dress
When it comes to your wedding and picking the wedding dress of your dreams, it seems like a million options are being thrown at you. The best thing to do is remember what is important and to deal with those things first.

Engaged Couples Spend More Time Researching Topics and Interviewing Vendors than Actually Planning the Wedding
Brides Speak Up: The Wedding Industry is Big Business - Who's on Our Side? Answering the call is, a web community that brings together couples with local wedding professionals in order to help them plan the perfect wedding. Innovative technology opens new lines of communication and promotes a free exchange of information about weddings.

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Budgeting Beautifully You've met the guy, he's popped the question, you've set a date You've also set a budget

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The Perfect Wedding Ring That Will Last Forever
The wedding ring is perhaps the single most important piece of jewelry that you will give to your spouse in your lifetime. It is important that you choose a timeless ring that will not become outdated or unstylish after a length of time. Men and women have different options available to them when choosing a wedding ring and it is not required that they choose matching rings. The couple traditionally picks out their rings together so there is no need for either the bride or groom to become unnecessarily stressed out about choosing the perfect wedding ring. Choosing the rings together takes a great deal of pressure off of the couple because they do not have to worry that their spouse may not like the ring that is expected to last for their en...

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Nowadays, most people will hire a printer to print the wedding invitation cards In fact, this is not the only option

The Different Colors Of A Wedding Ceremony
A wedding is a ceremony that celebrates the beginning of a marriage or civil union between two people; these days it is no longer required for the partners to be of the opposite sex Whatever the background and history to marriage, it is still a legal union between two people; it is not recognized as complete until the marriage license is signed

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PMA Australia 2007 to Offer Sessions on Wedding and Event Photography
PMA Australia announces outstanding educational programming by WEVA (Wedding & Event Videographers Association International) at the upcoming PMA Australia 2007 Imaging Technology Expo, 3 - 6 May, Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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