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Selecting Your Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces help tie together the look of your entire table setting. The wedding centerpieces will affect the linens you choose, the size of the tables and even the number of guests you seat on each table. It is important to discuss beforehand with your decorator and caterer the wedding centerpiece options available to you.

Things to keep in mind when selecting wedding centerpieces:

  • The size of the wedding centerpiece is of utmost importance. The wedding centerpiece should not be so small as to get overlooked. However, if it is too large there may not be enough room for other things like the place cards, cutlery, and crockery and in general the table may become too cramped.

  • The height of the wedding centerpiece also needs to be carefully considered. If the wedding centerpiece you choose is something thin like a beautiful candle, the height won't matter. In fact you may need it to be really tall to get noticed. On the other hand if the wedding centerpiece is a floral arrangement, ensure that it is short enough that guests can see each other over the arrangement. Often people choose wedding centerpieces that are so overwhelming that guests cannot even see each other across them, let alone hold a conversation!

  • Your budget will of course determine the wedding centerpiece you choose. Wedding centerpieces can be very affordable or very extravagant. It is up to you to decide how much you want to spend.

  • You could also choose a wedding centerpiece that doubles as wedding party favors. This is a great idea because it allows you to combine your budget for the wedding centerpieces and the party favors and afford something better.

Wedding centerpiece options:

  • Floral arrangements are the most common and traditional wedding centerpiece options. They can vary from small exotic arrangements to large effusive ones. If you want the wedding centerpiece to double as a party favor, think about placing a small potted plant that also acts as the place card holders. After the party guests can take their plant home. This works very well and merges with the wedding decoration for a garden theme party.

  • Tabletop fountains make for exotic wedding centerpieces. They can certainly add an Asian feel to your entire wedding reception. Place votive candles around the fountain to give an exotic feel.

  • A crystal bowl filled with rose petals floating in water makes a smashing wedding centerpiece. You can add floating candles if the wedding reception is at night. The roses not only add romance to the atmosphere, but their fragrance will enhance the entire wedding decoration.

There are many options available when choosing your wedding centerpieces, and they are a big part of the overall wedding decoration, so give them the attention they deserve. You'll be surprised how much they bring to your reception.

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