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Entrepreneur Revolutionizes Florida Gold Coast Aerial Photography By Using a Remote Controlled Helicopter

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (PRWEB) January 20, 2008 -- The remote controlled helicopters used by Birds Eye are able to hover at close range, providing photographs from otherwise unobtainable angles. "The result is an image that is well lit with depth, detail and perspective" says founder Christian Beasley. The helicopters also can fly at altitudes as high as 300 feet, accomplishing the more expansive images characteristic of manned aerial photography.

Customers are encouraged to come along on the photography session to see wirelessly what the camera sees, allowing them to select the images they want taken. Birds Eye offers five custom edited digital images, 24-hour turnaround if needed and a full satisfaction guarantee at prices ranging from one half to two thirds of standard manned helicopter photography rates.

"And our carbon footprint is small. Most people don't know that standard helicopters emit 350 pounds of carbon dioxide per person, per hour" points out Beasley. "The remote helicopters we use emit virtually nothing. Noise levels are another area that are beyond comparison." To Beasley remote helicopter aerial photography, is "where aerial photography is heading - it's 'state of the art.'"

For additional information about Birds Eye Aerial Photography contact Christian Beasley or visit

About Birds Eye Aerial Photography -

Birds Eye Aerial Photography provides both aerial photography and videography for real estate, as well as for advertising, news coverage, insurance purposes, yachts, and events, among other applications.


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