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Don't Make These Common Mistakes At Your Wedding Reception!

Nobody actually wants their wedding reception to go wrong, yet it happens all too often ? and sometimes for the exact same mistakes!

Brides and wedding planners spend months getting details right, but it's hard in the thick of the moment to take a step back and see a larger perspective. Some mistakes get made simply because the bride didn't take the next logical step in thinking things through. As a result, guests often feel confused, slighted ? or even insulted.

To help prevent that at your wedding, simply follow the following five wedding "don'ts."

Don't skip out on your own reception.

When you get right down to it, the wedding reception is the biggest party anyone will ever throw in your honor. So don't leave it early! Your guests have often traveled at their own expense to see you on your wedding day. Cutting out early ? for any reason ? will come across like you're snubbing them.

Don't cheat your guests with a cash bar.

As above, your guests have come a long way just to see you. Buy them a drink to celebrate! If you're getting married on a budget (as so many are these days) then provide wine with the meal but roll out a cash bar afterwards.

Whatever you do, though, be sure to mention the cash bar on your wedding reception invitation. It's only fair to let your guests know ahead of time.

Don't play the same wedding music as everyone else.

There are some so songs so common to receptions that music aficionados call them "wedding music" ? and not in a good way, either.

Playing the same music as everyone else isn't keeping a tradition alive ? it's falling for a clich?. Spice up your music with some personal favorites and songs that remind you of when you and your fianc? first began dating. Play some classic tunes for the older guests, as well as some newer stuff for the young attendees.

Cut the wedding cake too early ? or too late.

Cutting the cake too early makes the reception feel rushed (like you've got better places to be.) Cutting it too late holds up your guests who have to leave early.

Cut and serve the cake as you would any dessert ? after the meal, but before the dancing.

Browse your own wedding gifts

Now, this is just tacky. It sends the wrong message to guests, and besides you can probably guess what they are if you've registered someplace. Wait until after the reception before peeking and browsing ? or, just open the gifts in front of everyone as they have dessert.

My Wedding Favors understands the importance of getting every detail "just right" on your wedding day. We offer hundreds of elegant wedding favors, unique and practical favors, and even themed favors to show your guests your lasting appreciation. Visit them at to see more wedding favor ideas.

Michael Kabel is a writer for My Wedding Favors at Visit My Wedding Favors' article area at for great bridal tips, wedding planning and much more.

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