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Online Wedding Dress and Bridal Accessories Website Sells For 30 million.

Dayton OH (PRWEB) December 13, 2007 -- The Dot Boom seems to have been only a temporary set back for many online retailers. Online wedding dress and bridal gown retailer sold this week for a reported 30 million dollars. They are one of the largest online retailers of Bridal Apparel.

New Owner S. Wells said, "The wedding dress ( business is a big industry and more and more brides have gone to shopping online for their wedding day gowns." It seems most prefer the huge selection a online store can provide versus a bricks and mortar store. A local wedding shop can not stock as many styles and sizes as a online warehouse.

Women who are getting married also enjoy the fact the the dress they purchase has never been worn or even tried on by another bride. She will be the only woman who has ever worn the wedding dress and this seems to be an important fact.

Price may be the biggest factor when a bride to be decides to shop from her house for her dress. Online retailers tend to be about 30-40% cheaper than buying in a bridal shop. A women can get a designer wedding dress for $99 ( The online store carries all the accessories that needed for the big day all in one place. Many potential customers don't understand how it works. Don't all wedding dresses have to be fitted? The answer is yes. The online store matches you up with a size that is right for you and your body style. Then you can take it to your seamstress for the final sizing.

Bridal Online will be offering many new advances in the online industry. Brides To Be can now pay with PayPal, Checks, Credit Cards, Lay-A-Way, and Deferred Billing. With videos of brides in the actual dresses and views of the bridal gowns ( from 360 degrees, women will now be able to see the wedding dress form every angle before they make the purchase.

Bridal Online also carries plus sized wedding dresses as well as Mormon and Temple Ready gowns. Wells said, "You can basically buy everything you need in one place with a live customer rep to help you through it all."


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Involving The Family In Wedding Planning
Determining how to blend a pre-existing family into your wedding planning isn't always easy. Much of it depends on the couple's ceremonial choices and the talents of those involved. With today's lifestyles, often a new marriage isn't simply between a bride and groom, but children, friends and family as well. Rather than the traditional designations of "junior groomsman" and "junior bridesmaids" some couples are opting for larger, more fulfilling roles for their offspring and loved ones.

Wedding Chaos Survey -- Who Needs a Wedding Planner?
Wedding Chaos has carried out a survey, resulting in over 1,000 votes, to find out how brides and grooms viewed 'Wedding Planners' and the services that they have to offer.

Making Money With Digital Photography And Live Events
A few years ago I became interested in digital photography, mainly for web publishing and personal reasons. You know, how nice is it now to NOT have to deal with film, scanning pictures, and the costs of developing all of those "not great" photos that you didn't know were so bad until you paid to have them developed!So, at the time I got my first digital camera a friend of mine was playing in a rock band, and needed pictures for their web pages and promotional printings and ads.

The Basics Of Digital Wedding Photography
The wedding is considered to be one of the happiest moments in the life of two lovers. Though this can happen again should one of the spouses die or decide to have a divorce, there is nothing compared to the first time.

Your Wedding Mafia: New Full-service and Stress-free Resource for Cincnnati Brides
Your Wedding Mafia launches new resource of wedding service providers, included by invitation only, to meet the demands of today's busy engaged couples in the Cincinnati market.

Let Them Eat Cake -- Just Not at Your Wedding
It's a fact, however odd it seems, that some brides don't like cake -- and don't want one at their wedding reception. Others like cake just fine, but prefer to serve something a little more distinctive for dessert.

Why Do You Need A Wedding Planning Checklist?
With everything you'll have on your mind when you're getting ready for your big day, if you don't have a wedding checklist you're asking for trouble.

Planet Billard Wins Best Photography Web Site at the 2007 WebAwards Competition
Mass Transmit-produced receives Best of Industry at the Web Marketing Association 2007 WebAwards competition.

Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks
Planning a wedding is an exciting thing, and can be very scary. With some basic tips and tricks, you will be sure to make you day special.

How To Recreate Tom & Katie?s Magic At Your Own Wedding
Their Story

Dress Shirts - Buying A Shirt For The Graduation Ball Or Wedding
Dress shirts ought to be a staple in every stylish mans wardrobe. Some men save dress shirts for special occasions, a party, wedding, or after work drinks with the boss. Others use them to add a bit of luxury to their everyday dress. In either case, finding the right style and quality to suit your personal taste can sometimes be difficult.

'ello? 'ello? 'ello? Is that the Wedding, then?
You hear them at champagne-flowing parties. You hear them in crowded trains.

How To Choose Your Wedding Cake
One of my favorite parts about the wedding, is the cake. Over time many things have changed with weddings, but one thing that stays the same, there is always a beautiful cake.

Wide World of Cars, LLC Hosts Photography Exhibition to Support Good Samaritan Hospital
Extraordinary artists of Feric Atelier present their work to raise funds for Good Samaritan Hospital's Active International Cardiovascular Institute.

Modern Wedding Invitations - Hints On Following the Etiquette of Today
Outside the birth of any children, your wedding day is one of the single most important days of your life. Your wedding invitations say a lot about your wedding and can be the reason why a person does or does not show up to your festivities. In this day and age, modern wedding invitations are a must. Gone are the days of passing out save the date cards at work. These days, people expect to have computer printed or professionally printed modern wedding invitations to a wedding, perhaps even giving some type of hint as to what type of wedding to expect.

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