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Adorama Camera Begins Final Full Week of '100 in 100' Photography Tip Series

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 10, 2007 -- After over three months and nearly 100 posts, "100 in 100: 100 Photography Tips in 100 Days" (, Adorama's ongoing series of free photography tips for snapshooters and digital camera enthusiasts today starts its last full week. The series, which started on September 10, consists of short, easy-to-understand tips to help photographers of all levels experience to improve their skills.

Part of Adorama's AIRC Learning Center, 100 in 100 has proven to be the online magazine's most popular feature so far. "Our readers can't get enough of 100 in 100," notes editor Mason Resnick. "It has received praise from both readers and the photo industry. Every day I get email from readers thanking us for providing together this resource, and traffic to 100 in 100 has increased."

In its final full week, 100 in 100 will explain: how to photograph products for eBay auctions; getting rid of spots and hair in scanned photos; keeping off-center subjects in focus and using a technique called "selective focus; reducing noise in digital images; how to photograph food and how to make sure the overall image color is accurate.

What will the final two tips be? "Log on and see next week," says Resnick. The final tips will run on Sunday, December 17 and Monday, December 18. "And check in on the 19th, too," Resnick adds. "We have a surprise in store."

Last week, visitors to 100 in 100 learned how to have fun with macro photography; how to increase print longevity by treating them with special sprays; why it's important to protect their image files on their computers with surge suppression units; the joy of photographing reflections; how to use a standard image target; ideas for creating abstract images and shooting travel photos after sunset; and how to use selective focus as a compositional element.

Resnick is inviting bloggers and webmasters with photo-related content to link to "100 in 100," ( "If you have photography-related content on your site, this will add value to it," he notes.

Daily and weekly summaries will be available via the AIRC's News Desk RSS feed (

Online photo magazine at a retail site?

AIRC -- Adorama Imaging Resource Center ( is the choice destination for photographers at all levels of experience who want to improve their picture-taking and image-editing skills. AIRC has over 275 how-to photography articles, buying guides and picture-selling advice, as well as daily breaking news about the photography industry, written by a team of top photography experts.

Why would Adorama, a well-respected New York-based camera retailer, publish what is essentially an online photo magazine? Resnick says, "we believe the more information and knowledge we can provide, the more people will trust Adorama both as a reliable information source and as a place where they can feel comfortable buying their photographic gear."

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