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Wedding Photographer to the Stars, John J. Unrue Launches Wedding Stock Website

Winter Park, Fla. (PRWEB) December 12, 2007 -- In a marketplace where stock imagery has become a commodity of the evolution of digital technology, award-winning photo journalist John J. Unrue has launched, a creative stock photos website that focuses on cutting edge wedding images. Unrue works with a core team of professionals at John J. Unrue Photography to support his premium photo journalism efforts for wedding photos, celebrity photos, green weddings, and other professional photography ventures.

Capturing the essence and spirit of more than 1,500 lavish weddings and special celebrations around the world, Unrue offers nearly 25 years of experience in commercial and professional photography and photojournalism to his clients. His black and white vintage photos, art photography and color specialties have a journalistic, catch-the-moment flair often compared to memorable Time/Life Magazine photography. Unrue's unique collection of wedding stock images include scenes of brides, getting ready, bridesmaids, grooms, groomsmen, the bridal party, flowers, receptions, ceremonies, the toast, cake cutting, dancing and departures.

About 2.4 million couples get married every year in the U.S., at an average cost of $20,000 per wedding, generating total revenues of some $70 billion, according to, an online wedding resource. Additionally, editorial and media outlets are changing the way they do business in view of the Internet and online publishing, including the use of stock images as opposed to high-budget editorial productions. With the evolution of computers, chips and networks, futurists predict that four billion people will be doing Internet commerce by 2025 when the Internet will have become the largest global network for ideas, commerce, health care, and education. (Source: The Extreme Future, by James Canton.)

The Internet has created conditions where the John J. Unrue Photography team can share a voice through images that provide a unique take on cultural trends and how they will shape weddings in the future. Unrue decided to launch the wedding stock photos website because of the tremendous growth in online advertising that is communicating, connecting and influencing contemporary and captive audiences online.

"The wedding images marketplace offers those seeking stock images a wide variety of image categories. Many of today's wedding ceremonies are in unusual venues - museums, zoos, and gardens. Plus today's green weddings provide images of environmentally friendly flowers, beach wedding photos, table décor and hybrid cars and limos," said Unrue. "Wedding images include fabulous food photos, jewelry, fashions, flowers, gifts churches, hotels, and even travel and destination. There are also countless opportunities to shoot close-up images of family, friends and loved ones sharing moments that reflect timeless expressions that can be adapted to satisfy many other categories for websites or editorial image requirements."

John Unrue has mastered the cutting edge art form of professional digital photography allowing clients much greater flexibility and artistic style while maintaining the highest level of quality for their cherished images. These images include wedding photography, wedding reception photos, and celebrity photos that now grace the Internet with wedding photos online and stock photography.

About John J. Unrue Photography

Established in1988, John J. Unrue Photography is the preferred house for celebrities, professional athletes, high-society and corporate executives requiring both photography excellence and discreet professionalism. Unrue routinely shoots far from his Florida base in destinations such as Paris, Italy, the Caribbean, California, Dallas, Chicago and Vermont to name just a few.

Unrue's work has graced the pages of high-end publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, Elegant Bride Magazine, Modern Bride Magazine, Wedding Dresses Magazine, The Knot's Wedding Pages, For the Groom, Central Florida Brides Magazine and Orlando Magazine to name among others. He has been selected to shoot weddings for LIFETIME Televisions acclaimed series "Weddings of a Lifetime" as well as for the USA Today.

Find John Unrue's new wedding photos online at


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