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Amazing Accomplishment: Massachusetts Couple Celebrate Their 70th Wedding Anniversary

Lexington, MA (PRWEB) November 29, 2007 -- Dorothy and Murray's love story began shortly after Dorothy immigrated from Europe in the early 1930s. As children, the two lived across the street from each other in Worcester, Massachusetts. After getting married, the couple lived in Worcester, where they raised their family. Murray was a baker and Dorothy worked in a children's clothing store. In their wildest dreams, they could not have foreseen that in 2007, they would be celebrating Dorothy's 91st birthday, Murray's 90th birthday, and their 70th wedding anniversary at their home on Cape Cod.

Planning Dorothy and Murray's anniversary party, their family was faced with a unique dilemma. What can you get a couple who has been married for 70 years? They gave the matter considerable thought and couldn't come up with an appropriate solution. Fortunately, a granddaughter in the family knew about Purple Raincoat (, a company that creates personalized keepsakes to preserve life's special events.

Dorothy's and Murray's 70th wedding anniversary was indeed an occasion worthy of just such a keepsake. Unfortunately, no one in the family had a copy of Dorothy and Murray's wedding invitation. But they did have a black and white wedding photograph, although it had deteriorated over the years. Purple Raincoat was able to restore that photograph and transform it into the perfect keepsake capturing the spirit of Dorothy, and Murray's wedding 70 years ago.

Gary E. Haffer, a local artist, writer and businessman, stated, "When I saw the finished product, I could hardly believe this transformation of an old black and white photograph into a timeless work of art and a special tribute that will preserve the memories of Dorothy's and Murray's wedding for generations to come."

Here's some interesting news. When Dorothy and Murray's great-grandson, Dylan, had his Bar Mitzvah the family turned to Purple Raincoat to make a keepsake of his Bar Mitzvah. (

About (

Purple Raincoat uses framed invitations and/or photographs to create personalized keepsakes that preserve the memories of life's precious moments. These personalized keepsakes become cherished mementos that will be appreciated now and cherished for a lifetime. To speak with Purple Raincoat executives, please contact Carol Colman at 617 803-0366, or via email at [email protected]

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This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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