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Life'S Best Photos Hidden From View, Until Now - Freeing Wedding Photos From The Dustbin Of History

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 27, 2007 -- We've all been to a wedding reception, grabbed a disposable camera at our table, and captured a moment we know the bride and groom will appreciate. Perhaps it was a bouquet toss, a laugh, or the joyous reunion of family and friends who've come together to celebrate a marriage. But what happens to all those moments afterwards? They disappear into albums and shoeboxes, seen only by the newlyweds. In time, the wedding is defined by the formal poses snapped by a hired photographer -- and all of those great candid moments are forgotten.

It's been like this ever since the advent of disposable wedding cameras ( Even with the advent of social networking and web 2.0 interactivity, no one has come up with a simple and practical solution that allows wedding guests to revisit a wedding and view the moments they've photographed. Few newlyweds are up to the arduous task of scanning the negatives from their disposable cameras, let alone creating a way to share those digitized photos with their many guests., provider of complete wedding camera solutions, has the answer. has been listening to customer requests and adding features that improve and simplify candid wedding photography. With the launch of web albums, now automatically scans, uploads and creates a secure web album that allows full photo-sharing access for wedding attendees. Say recent customers (, "Our guests really appreciated the preprinted cards pointing to the website and their handiwork! While's service saved us a lot of time and money, the pictures really speak for themselves!" Guests now have the opportunity to view, download, print and comment on their favorite photos, reliving the moments that would otherwise be forgotten. Available today at, web albums unlock life's best photos simply and beautifully.

Founded in 2007, brings innovation and ease-of-use to the disposable wedding photography market, including online ordering of premium FujiFilmĀ® cameras, film development, negatives, prints, photo DVD, free shipping and online photo sharing. More information and demo web albums, are available at (


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Get Wedding Gifts Youll Enjoy -- Creating Your Wedding Registry
Receiving wedding gifts is a whole lot more fun when the gifts are of your choice. It is a good idea to create a wedding registry to help your guests choose a wedding gift that you'll enjoy.

New Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Wrexham and Chester in the UK Listed on the Photographers Directory at All Things Photography
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Almost without exemption, we connote traditions with everything we believed that have been starting since who-knows-when. Well, giving anniversary gifts is not among the blessed exemptions. How many times couples have been taking oaths of marriage, nobody knows. But what we do know is that these couples commemorate their wedding day each year and on special intervals. And as such, the commemoration calls for a celebration. For people to take part with the wedding celebrations (and since man is naturally generous), it has become a tradition to give offer couples with anniversary gifts.

Wedding Rings Need Insurance Too
Your wedding ring is more than just the one piece of jewelry that you wear all the time. It's a symbol of the love and commitment that exists between you and your partner. It may also be a family heirloom, or, together with your engagement ring, it may represent a sizeable financial investment. In any case, if it was to be stolen from your home, the loss would be devastating. This is why you should consider adding coverage for it to your insurance package.

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How To Sell Your Pictures As Stock Photography
I love taking pictures. I just can?t get enough. The more pictures I take the better I want to get. This also means that the more pictures I take; the more high quality equipment I want. It?s an addiction. Many photography hobbyists have the same problem I do. If you don?t want to pour all your money into your photography hobby, there is another option. You can turn that photography hobby into a successful photography business. A great way to get started doing this is through stock photography. Businesses all over are looking for pictures to use in brochures, websites, advertisements, and more. These businesses will happily pay for your pictures rather than hire a photographer to take pictures for them. Here are some tips on how to get star...

Dilbert's Wedding - A Special Family Occasion
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DCA limousine - Tips for An Ideal Wedding Car
The momentum that might want to seize admiration and high esteem dont start at the outset of the brides ascending the stairs and how she could possibly pose on that day in a wedding place.

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