www.weddingchannel.com), the number one wedding and gift registry website, have launched the ultimate ring trend gallery featuring the hottest rings brides-to-be will be rocking on their fingers, plus pointers on how to pop the question successfully.">

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WeddingChannel.com Says ``Yes' to the New Engagement Ring: More Sparkle, Less Money -- -- Plus, How to Plot the Perfect Proposal --

LOS ANGELES (Business Wire EON) November 15, 2007 -- For future brides, it's all about creating the illusion of a luxe, high-priced ring. According to WeddingChannel.com, cultured diamonds, double-duty rings and a "double halo" setting will do the trick.


Double-duty Rings: Imagine three rows of dazzling round- and radiant-cut diamonds sparkling across a wide band. With elaborate details, a broader band and lots (and we mean lots) of sparkle, these luxe engagement rings can easily masquerade as wedding bands too. Brides then have the option of choosing a completely different wedding-band style so they can switch rings based on their mood (or outfit) of the day.

Copycat Rings: In love with that knock-out celebrity ring, but can't afford the splurge? If that Harry Winston stunner is out of your price range, you can simply bring a photo of your dream ring to a reputable jeweler and have them create a nearly identical, custom-made ring just for you. Not only will it have a less expensive price tag, but you can request minor changes to make the ring uniquely yours.

Cultured Diamonds: No, we're not talking about cubic zirconia. Cultured diamonds have the exact same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds but are created in a laboratory rather than mined. Perfect for the girl who wants the "wow" factor of a huge diamond without an equally intimidating price tag, cultured diamonds have the edge of being internally flawless as well as affordable. In fact, friends and jewelers won't be able to tell the difference.

The Halo Effect: A surefire way of making your diamond look even bigger? Encase your center stone with two halos of micro pave diamonds in a bezel setting. This double halo instantly creates the illusion of a bigger diamond and triples the shine. And, if the goal is to blind eyes, why not cover every single surface space on the ring band with sparkling diamonds? Even the prongs on today's rings are featuring tiny pave diamonds.

Signature Designer Rings: From Tiffany & Co.'s Novo diamond to David Yurman's Signature Cut Engagement Ring to The Movado Diamond, there's nothing like a designer bauble to make heads turn. With patented diamond cuts and ring settings, your ring is part of a very exclusive club and won't look like everyone else's. Although these rings aren't exactly less expensive, they're definitely a beautiful investment.


"The proposal is hands-down one of the most talked-about moments in a person's life," said Marilyn Oliveira, WeddingChannel.com senior editor. Oliveira offers the three latest ways the proposal bar is being set higher when it comes to making sure the moment's unforgettable.

#1. The Proposal Planner: No, not a wedding planner, but a proposal planner. To help guys come up with and execute the perfect proposal, these consultants can help with the when, where and hows of the proposal. Whether it's an intimate or an elaborate, over-the-top affair, every single detail will be accounted for to make it a flawless, personal proposal. Find planners in the Local Vendors section of WeddingChannel.com.

#2. Proposal Paparazzi: No, that's not a stalker lurking in the bushes or watching from the corner booth of your favorite restaurant. These proposal photographers have strict instructions to discreetly start snapping their shutters once the proposal plan gets underway. What better way to chronicle one of the most romantic moments of your life than to capture it on film for friends, family and future grandchildren to see?

#3. Destination Proposal: Disguised as a planned vacation, this getaway offers the perfect setting to pop the question. With a beautiful backdrop, an element of surprise and some help from the hotel's concierge, the destination proposal is one of the most memorable and impressive ways to ask for your loved one's hand in marriage. Top proposal destinations include Hawaii, the Caribbean, France, Italy and Mexico.

"Most importantly, take some time to put your best effort and thought into the planning, and she will love telling the proposal story again and again," added Oliveira.

To help future brides and grooms navigate the "getting engaged'" process, WeddingChannel.com has launched a Complete Pre-engagement Guide. Featuring engagement ring galleries, ring cost snapshots, proposal planning tips, dos and don'ts and real stories, WeddingChannel.com has all you need to know about popping the question.

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WeddingChannel.com is the number one wedding and gift registry website, offering comprehensive wedding planning content, interactive tools and a central location for couples to manage their gift registries. The patented registry system on WeddingChannel.com brings together registries from the nation's leading retailers, including Tiffany & Co., Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn, among others, allowing guests to search one easy site to find a wedding gift. WeddingChannel.com is based in Los Angeles and is a part of The Knot Inc. (NASDAQ: KNOT) lifestage media network.

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