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New DVD from Video University Shows How to Start a Profitable Event Video Business with No Weddings

Bristol, RI (PRWEB) November 16, 2007 -- "A More Profitable Event Video Business" is the title of a new DVD and manual from VideoUniversity that shows how to start an Instant DVD video event business that can be much more profitable than weddings.

VideoUniversity's Bob Anderson has been making money producing instant DVDs at dance, cheerleading and talent competitions for two decades and just last weekend he brought in over $10,000 from one event. Anderson shares what he has learned about what to do -- and what not to do -- to make the maximum money in this unusual event video business.

There are opportunities for entrepreneurs to make serious money in this business. One organization that produces regional competitions sells a million dollars worth of their event DVDs every year. While Anderson does not promise that videographers will achieve that kind of sales volume, the new DVD shows how to start and operate a video business that covers the most profitable kinds of events and offers Instant DVDs to the participants moments after their performance.

This video business does require a certain technical aptitude that most people in the video business already possess. It requires little or no postproduction. The DVD explains how to choose the right kinds of events (the most profitable ones), how to make a smart win-win deal with the promoter, how to put together a specialized equipment package, and lots of tricks of the trade learned through Anderson's experience over many years.

"The "More Profitable Event Video Business" DVD and accompanying manual are available on the website. The manual contains valuable marketing ideas, tools for the new business, and candid forum communications from Bob Anderson.

For more information, visit the VideoUniversity web page or call 401-253-2800.

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