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Zenfolio Introduces Premium Subscription Plan, Gives Photographers a Way to Easily Publish and Sell Photography Online

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) November 12, 2007 -- Zenfolio, the company empowering photographers to turn their passion into a business, today announced the immediate release of Zenfolio Premium plan, a new subscription package that lets users create a fully-functional Web store with customizable look-and-feel and flexible price lists. Based in Silicon Valley, Zenfolio provides a photo hosting platform for photographers of all skill levels to publish and sell their work online.

With the wide variety of photo sharing services available, photographers are left without an easy way to sell their photos. Other photo hosting solutions focus on the selling part but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the aesthetics of the presentation. Zenfolio Premium plan was designed to bridge that gap by providing a professional and enjoyable viewing experience with a powerful e-commerce shopping cart. Photographers can use Zenfolio to build out their entire Web presence based on a selection of professional-looking and creative designs without any HTML skills needed, or they can use Zenfolio in addition to their existing Web sites as a proofing and ordering tool.

Zenfolio Premium plan allows photographers to create price lists of products by adding markup on top of base lab prices. The price lists can then be assigned to individual photos or entire galleries. This process is completely transparent to clients, who experience the ease and simplicity of ordering prints and other photo products, and receive a package delivered directly from the lab.

Zenfolio service is currently integrated with two high-quality photofinishing labs: EZ Prints, based in Atlanta, GA; and Mpix, a division of Millers Professional Imaging. Using partner labs makes the process particularly easy with an end-to-end solution and Customer Support provided by Zenfolio. In addition to fulfilling products through these partner labs, photographers have a choice of creating and fulfilling their own custom products. Zenfolio Premium subscribers can offer products fulfilled through any lab of their choice, or they can print photos themselves.

In addition, Zenfolio Premium includes:

The ability to apply custom watermarks to photos for extra protection

The option to customize the site with the domain address of your choice

The ability to review and update orders before approving for fulfillment

A flexible shopping cart that includes options such as matting and framing, custom paper finishes, cropping, and a selection of color correction services.

Coupons, including percent- and amount-based discounts

Detailed reports compatible with any spreadsheet program

Unlimited storage with individual file uploads up to 24MB each

Combining highly-acclaimed photo viewing presentation with a flexible e-commerce platform Zenfolio enables photographers to create online business presence with an all-in-one solution for a reasonable fee.

Pricing and Availability

The new Premium subscription plan is priced at $100 USD per year. Until the end of 2007 (Dec. 31, 2007) current and new users can sign up for Zenfolio Premium plan at the special price of $80 USD per year. For orders fulfilled through Zenfolio partner labs, there is a service fee of 12% which includes credit card transaction fees and customer support. For orders charged and fulfilled by photographers directly, the service fee is 6%. The Premium package will be publicly available November 12, 2007.

About Zenfolio

Zenfolio is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, California. It was founded in 2004, with the Web-based service launching publicly at the end of 2005. A growing number of aspiring photographers today are ready to take their passion online. Zenfolio gives them the place and the tools to show their work in the best possible light, and helps them turn their passion into a successful business. Photographers can focus on capturing images while relying on Zenfolio to take care of the rest. Zenfolio's photo hosting subscription service includes the highly-acclaimed presentation engine, photo management functionality including unlimited storage, and a flexible e-commerce platform integrated with a growing number of fulfillment labs. For more information please visit:

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