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The Wedding Guest Attire Guide

The dress of the bride will draw the attention of everyone, but the wedding guest attire will also be important. At such events it is best to be well informed about what to wear and what to avoid, in order to be able to mingle in and feel good at this celebration party. When deciding on your wedding garments, you should be fully informed on where and when the event will take place. The level of formality is also important when choosing the wedding guest attire. All these are essential things to consider as you need to be appropriately dressed. Women and the wedding clothes

Women pay a lot of attention on the wedding guest attire and they always want to be in style and suitable to the occasion. Consequently, here are some indications for them. For day weddings, a suit or a short dress is what you need to get a hold of. For evening weddings, a cocktail dress is perfect. Long dresses are in for evening and night weddings. These may be adorned with beads and glittery jewelry. The color of your dress should be according to your taste and preferences. However, avoid white, as the white is the color of the bride at this event. Dark colors should be avoided during day and may be great for evening and night. Be decent when choosing the wedding guest attire, as you might offend people at the wedding with see through or if you show too much skin.

Men and wedding guest attire

Even if men do not care too much about what they wear there are certain codes which must be kept when going to a wedding. For day weddings suits are recommended. For late afternoon weddings, suits are also suggested, and this time they may be in darker colors. If you are invited to an ultra formal wedding, the ties must be worn plus a vest and a fancy suit. A tuxedo is not exactly a hot item during day time weddings; it?s too much for wedding guest attire. You are allowed to wear it at an evening event. However, the simplest attire is a black suit, and this will be suitable in any possible case. Wear a black suit and you will be chic and trendy.

Should I wear this?

These brief guide lines in wedding guest attire are essential. If you wear decent and recommended clothes, you will be safe and feel good and it is like a sign of respect to your hosts and the other guests. Last but not least, the wedding guest attire should be comfortable as you will have to dance and have a good time when such a joyful event occurs.

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