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Wedding Budgets, Just How Much Should A Wedding Really Cost?

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) November 2, 2007 -- Pick up any bridal magazine and on average there is approximately ten pages of written information in amongst all the pages. In fact, no other industry has been able to sustain the amount of magazines that the bridal industry has. The industry is designed for brides to be emotional and spend lots of money on their big day. So it would be hard to find somebody who would share the secrets to saving money on a wedding budget?

That is until now -- Paula from Wedding Secrets Revealed has just launched a new service for brides -- wedding planning tele-seminars hosted by industry authorative experts and specialists.

"Most couples spend more than they should on their wedding because they either get caught up in the hype or they simply don't know what to ask or what to look out for," says Paula. "This is why Wedding Secrets Revealed has evolved; to help brides with honest and unbiased information when it comes to their wedding budget."

These interactive 'wedding workshops,' are about sharing unbiased, independent and honest information. Held every month on different topics, couples will discover the closely guarded secrets of wedding planning that the magazines or online directories will never share.

The next topic is one of particular interest to most brides - The Money Saving Secrets Every Bride Should Know. This 12-part series will shatter the myths about wedding budget and share all the insiders secrets on how to save money on everything from wedding flowers and decorations to wedding dresses, photography even food and beverage costs. These are real and practical solutions, brides will not be advised to make their own wedding cake or assemble their own floral arrangements on the morning of their wedding to save money.

"If a bride can cut her wedding budget on each element by as little as five percent, it will make a big difference to the end figure. Ten percent is even better and quite easy to achieve," said Paula. "This special series will cover all the wedding budget-slashing tips that will save brides so much money. For most brides every cent matters when planning a wedding and from experience one idea alone could save couples hundreds of dollars."

Tele-seminars are an easy and convenient way to learn and communicate with other brides, service providers and wedding experts. With most couples turning to the internet at some point to assist with their wedding planning, this medium is proving extremely popular and effective.

You can join in from the comfort of home or office with no need to fight the traffic or look for parking. No matter where you are, you can attend the LIVE presentations, ask questions and get the answers you need.

For additional information on The Money Saving Secrets Every Bride Should Know, contact Paula visit

About Wedding Secrets Revealed:

Paula Majstorovic is the face behind Wedding Secrets Revealed, an international wedding planning firm. Within a short period of time Paula noticed the same consistent messages from couples getting married -- there was a substantial shortage of useful and independent expert information for couples getting married. After working with brides for over a decade in all areas of wedding planning, Paula is directing her energies into designing, creating and marketing an innovative range of concepts that would make wedding planning easier.

Over the past three years Wedding Secrets Revealed has grown from an idea of offering expert wedding planning advice into a wedding information empire designed to assist brides to plan their own wedding. By embracing internet technology, Paula is now able to share her knowledge and experience to a much larger market.


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