www.reelinvitations.com) - the company that lets the lucky-in-love to personally and uniquely invite their guests to their big day - and so much more besides - with a professionally produced DVD Wedding Invitation.">

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Wedding Invitations Can Now be up Close & Personal with a DVD Wedding Invite

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 6, 2007 -- Weddings have long been evolving into ever more personal expressions of the couple's tastes, yet not much has changed from the traditional paper wedding invitation that arrives in the mailboxes of hundreds of loved ones, best friends, college roommates, and other various special guests each year. Enter Reel Invitations (www.reelinvitations.com) - the company that lets the lucky-in-love to personally and uniquely invite their guests to their big day - and so much more besides - with a professionally produced DVD Wedding Invitation.

With over 23 million weddings celebrated each year in the United States, couples not only want to stand out from their peers, but many also hope to send a more deeply personal and emotional hello and request for their guests' presence than the industry standard paper invites allow. With Reel Invitations, the betrothed can bring the traditional invite to life and start the wedding festivities with a unique videotaped invitation that allows guests to get to know the happy couple ahead of time both visually and audibly through personal messages from the couple, video montages, slideshows and more. Everyone loves a good love story, and with everything from a "how we met" (or other favorites including "when I knew", "when we first said I love you" or even a simple hello and explanation of what the guests have in store for them) chapter of the invite, guests get a peek into the relationship and become active participants in the wedding months prior to the big event in a personal and innovative way.

For those in the New York tri-state area, Reel Invitations will film you in the location of your choice. Couples outside of the area can mail in a video and Reel Invitations will provide phone consultation to suggest questions and location ideas. In addition to chapters including the message from the happy couple, the DVD introduces the wedding party as well as the bride and groom's families, includes all necessary wedding information, along with links to online resources for hotels, registry and RSVP. And what becomes of the paper invite? Never fear, the DVD invitation is packaged in a tri-fold envelope with an elegant paper invitation, RSVP card and envelope. Or the DVD can be custom printed to complement other invitations. It truly is a touching memento of the big day that can be kept and viewed for years to come by those who were there to celebrate it, and the two who will mark its anniversary for years to come.

As Reel Invitations founder Judith George says, "Every couple has a story, whether it's a "lightning strikes" kind or a "he lived next door to me for 3 years" story. Two people finding each other, whether it be at a bar or rescued from a burning building is always an amazing and great thing. They are all unique and something that their friends and families love to hear. With a video invite you can feel the emotions and expressions and actually get to see how they feel about each other as opposed to simply reading about it." If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a DVD love story is surely close to priceless.

About Reel Invitations: Founded in 2006, Reel Invitations specializes in personalized DVD wedding invitations. Staffed by a team of professional video editors and producers, they understand that two people finding each other in life is an amazing phenomenon and work to share the magic of that love in every invitation created. Find them online at www.reelinvitations.com and see samples of their work.


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