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Plan A Green Wedding! Eco-Friendly Favors Now Available From

New York, New York (PRWEB) November 1, 2007 -- Consumers are rapidly becoming more aware that the manufacturing and purchasing decisions made today can have serious negative effects on future generations. Planning for any special occasion is no small task to begin with and ensuring that the events surrounding that special day take Planet Earth into consideration make it all the more challenging. Beaucoup Wedding Favors, Inc., the leading online retailer of wedding favors (, baby shower gifts and party supplies for all special occasions, has recently made a company-wide decision to develop and introduce a new line of environmentally-friendly offerings.

Environmentally-friendly brides and grooms can now plan for a wedding that is not only stylish and memorable but also healthy for the world at large. has already been simplifying wedding planning through their unique line of wedding favors, excellent customer service and speedy order fulfillment. Winnie Ying, director of marketing, is pleased that her company is able to encourage new couples and their families to promote eco-friendly celebrations, but realizes education must go hand-in-hand with the new offerings for ideal results.

"In addition to being timely, our green favors are simple yet elegant. Best of all, they reflect the couple's love of the earth."'s eco initiative had a clear goal in mind - to preserve wedding traditions while providing a modern "green" option for their customers. The natural sinamay envelopes, for example, faithfully replace standard paper envelopes with an all-natural and environmentally-friendly fiber alternative. Rather than littering the wedding grounds or church with paper confetti, offers a water soluble, biodegradable substitute that can be rinsed away for a worry-free clean up. Also biodegradable are their all-natural jute wine bags and beautifully scented lavender wedding rice.'s line of eco-friendly green wedding favors ( and gifts are extremely popular. Mini floral favor bags are made with textured mulberry paper and perfected with hand pressed natural flower petals and greenery. Also wonderfully unique are the personalized plantable seed cards which send the wedding guests home with a custom made card attached to special handmade paper that has wildflower seeds embedded in it for them to grow in their own garden or windowsill providing a lasting memory of your special day. Another customer favorite is the mini lucky bamboo plant which is believed to bring good fortune to all who possess it.

Always innovative, continues to offer its customers a variety of options that can suit any wedding and a host of other family-related special occasions. The introduction of their green product line sees them continuing to lead the way in an online market they helped to invent. For more information please visit Wedding Favors today!

About Beaucoup Wedding Favors, Inc:

Beaucoup Wedding Favors, Inc. was founded with the mission of filling a gap in the wedding and party favors industry for unique and elegant favors.'s strength in merchandising and its eye-catching website make it a valuable destination on the web for couples and families looking for one of a kind favors and gifts as well as an enjoyable shopping experience. Their online store is backed by a friendly and knowledgeable customer support team whose goal is to provide unparalleled service to help relieve some of the stress involved in wedding and other party planning.


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