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CDIABU Announces Success of 2007 Prague Filmmaking and Photography Workshops

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) November 1, 2007 -- Center for Digital Imaging Arts ( at Boston University Film Program ( Director Federico Muchnik and Photography Instructor Bob Caputo led a group of nine students through month-long filmmaking and photography production workshops ( in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The July 2007 workshops were designed to introduce students to the essential concepts and techniques of filming documentaries and photographing stories on location.

The 2007 student group, ranging in experience in filmmaking ( and photography (, was comprised of six American students and three Czech Republic students. The American students brought their questions and curiosity and the Czech Republic students their understanding of the culture.

"American and Czech students had the unique opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and work together," noted Muchnik. "I was very impressed with the level of commitment and quality of the films these students made. And having the whole thing happen in a city like Prague only made it even more special."

Prague, one of Europe's most beautiful, historic, and cultural capitals, is one of the few eastern European cities that the Germans didn't bomb during World War II. The architecture and history is still preserved, allowing for a beautiful shot around every corner. And, although Prague is considered an Eastern European city, it's really closer to Middle Europe making it very convenient to cities like Berlin and Budapest.

In Prague, CDIA is capturing the potential of this untapped cultural resource. Cities like Florence and Paris have been oversaturated for many years with film schools, photography schools and art schools. Students attending the Prague Workshops were able to take full advantage of the benefits of the workshop's location and hard-to-get access to many of Prague's cultural treasures; the students learned to tell the city's stories and develop the ability to create deeper visual essays about any setting.

Caputo enthused, "The CDIA Prague Workshops offer a real-world, hands-on experience for aspiring filmmakers and photographers while giving them access to guided instruction in a unique and vibrant cultural setting."

Because of the success of the 2007 workshops, CDIA has announced that the program will be offered again next summer. The 2008 film and photography programs, which will also take place in Prague, are currently in the planning stages and will be bigger and more social programs with an emphasis on student interaction, collaboration and teamwork.

About the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University

The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University allows students to express their creative vision and turn it into a practical reality. Whether students are looking for a film school, photography school, 3D Animation school and game design school, graphic web design school or recording arts school, CDIA at Boston University offers practical, hands-on, career-oriented training to both novices and seasoned professionals in today's advanced digital imaging arts. CDIA's Certificate Programs are led by world-class instructors who are practicing experts in their fields, and backed by the resources and reputation of Boston University's internationally renowned College of Communication.

CDIA offers nine-month Certificate Programs in Digital Photography, Digital Filmmaking, 3D Animation, Graphic and Interactive Design, and Recording Arts. Certificate Programs are also offered on a part-time basis during evening hours. Campuses are located in Waltham, MA and Washington D.C.


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