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Commitment Ceremonies & Same Sex Weddings - Writing Your Vows

Whether you are committing to each other for the first time, or renewing your commitment on a special anniversary, you can plan your own custom ceremony to mark the occasion.

There are often 3 stages to any ceremony. The 'separation' stage occurs first. In this part of a commitment ceremony one might choose to honor the past of the participants. Honoring older generations and the events of the past lives you have both led is often a starting point. If children are involved, honoring their place they have held in your life up until now is often a part of the ceremony. Think about what your commitment means to you, what it means to your family and friends, and what it means to your place in the community/society you live in. How can you mark these past events as milestones in forming who you have become and how you have reached this stage in your life? Is there something special you wish to say to these people, or about these events, in your commitment ceremony? Do you have some symbolic gift, or token, you want to pass on to them as a reminder of how special they have been in your life.

The second stage of a commitment ceremony often is a stage relating to the transition you both have gone through to get to this point. Perhaps you would like to speak about how you met, or about how your connection to one another has grown to this point of making a public commitment. Anecdotes from your growth together as a couple can be added for insight and humor. At this time you might choose to reassure those from your past that you are taking them with you into your mew future together ... inviting them to join you on this journey forward together. Perhaps at this time family and friends can comment on how they have seen you both grow close together and share their loving wishes for the two of you.

Lastly you can address the future. How do you want to verbalize your feelings towards each other and your commitment going forward? Will you exchange vows you have written for each other, or read from some already prosaic passages that are meaningful for the two of you? Will you exchange rings, kisses, or some other token of affection and enduring love? Do you want a candle lighting to symbolize your new unity together?

Do you need to let your friends, children, and family know that they will always be a part of your life and future together?

Throughout your commitment ceremony, intersperse music you have both chosen for this special day. Customize your ceremony to fit your personal style, any new traditions you are forming and any old customs you wish to honor and retain. Try to show some of your personal style and taste along the way. Make your commitment ceremony a welcoming event. You are welcoming each other into a life-long bond of love and trust. You are welcoming your friends and family into this new life together and asking them to welcome you as a couple in return. This is a day of joy and happiness. Customize your commitment ceremony and it will be remembered as a reflection of who the two of you are, and of your love for each other.

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Get Wedding Gifts Youll Enjoy -- Creating Your Wedding Registry
Receiving wedding gifts is a whole lot more fun when the gifts are of your choice. It is a good idea to create a wedding registry to help your guests choose a wedding gift that you'll enjoy.

Wedding Traditions In Other Cultures
In the United States, we have several wedding traditions that may look odd to someone who is not accustomed to them. Removing the garter could be considered crude by many cultures, and throwing the boutique would probably look very strange as well, and this is not even considering our practice of decorating the newlyweds' vehicle, oftentimes with aluminum cans dragging behind. While these practices may be seen as quaint to people from other cultures, they have good intentions and are the customs we are used to. Many people choose to include aspects of weddings from other cultures into their own weddings. Although these African wedding practices are normal in their culture, they would be considered extremely odd in other parts of the world.

Photography Courses Online
There are also some excellent online courses available and some of them are free, just type "Photography free online courses" into your search engine. Morguefile is an example they offer sound technical advice on a variety of subjects, as well as aspects of types of photography, it is a good point to start with, showing the resources Jodie Coston, a freelance photographer, has made available online, after a series of classes she gave.

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It is time for the wedding; now for any traditional wedding it?s a black tuxedo for him, a white gown for her, a multi-layered cake to accommodate for the guests, and floral bouquets to tie it all together. For some brides, they seek for something more than the textbook wedding.

Consider Amsterdam Hotels For Your Wedding Suite
Getting married is a joyous occasion that should be celebrated with some of the world?s more beautiful cities. Why not consider Amsterdam? Those that are traveling to this city will be able to take full advantage of this cultural experience. The hotel choices are excellent when it comes to a bridal suite as well as the standard romantic getaway. If you plan to celebrate your love in this city, do so by taking some extra time to book a romantic and celebrated hotel suite.

Wedding at Meadowbrook Pointe? I Do
Meadowbrook Pointe is more than a place to live; it's a lifestyle - thanks, in large part, to the community's splendid clubhouse. This clubhouse will be the setting for the marriage of two new residents, Sherry Mendelson and Arnie Scher. Sherry and Arnie decided to purchase a new home at Meadowbrook Pointe in which they would begin their new life as husband and wife together. But when they visited the Clubhouse, they were moved by its elegance and romance and almost immediately asked to be the first wedding to be held there.

Appropriate Wedding Gift Monetary Amounts
When it comes to wedding gifts, how much to spend on a wedding gift is determined by the following factors: where the wedding will be held, your budget as a wedding guest, and your relationship with the bride and/or groom. If the wedding is a destination wedding, only a bridal shower gift is usually deemed proper because there is a larger cost for each person attending the wedding. If the wedding is local it is often deemed proper etiquette to bring a gift to the bridal shower as well as give a wedding gift.

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Jewish Wedding Rings - Traditions and Customs and How to Buy Smart
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The A To Z Guide For Your Wedding Day
AttendantsAttendants, include the best man, Bridesmaid, ushers, and groomsmen. Generally any people with some sort of responsibility on the big day.

Your Guide to the world?s Best Online Stock Photography Resource Center
The process of utilizing existing photographs for various commercial, advertising and media purposes is termed as Stock Photography. Especially for individuals in various creative industries like web designing, book publishing, advertising agencies, magazine editors, graphic artists, interior decorators and those working in various creative corporate groups, the availability of stock photographs in online sites proves to be a great boon. Along with providing you an easy way of browsing through thousands of professionally taken photographs relevant to your particular field of work, availing stock photographs proves far more economic than individually appointing professional photographers and obtaining photographs of different entities shot o...

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Wedding Rings – Through the Ages and for All Eternity
The exact origin of the wedding ring is uncertain and is rife with superstition and mythology. Papyruses dating back to the ancient Egyptian civilization depict wedding rings, and historians credit the land of the Pharaohs with originating this tradition.

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