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What Goes Into Wedding Preparation From Your DJ?

Exactly what should your disc jockey be doing in the weeks/months prior to your wedding? If you think that they just show up at your reception and are ready to go - you've missed out on what they've been doing to prepare.

Typically, your DJ will meet you during the sales stage of things - you get to know him, they get to know what you are looking for. Once you've decided that they are the right DJ for you, then the work starts. Your DJ would lock in your date and start working on preparation. About 2 months prior to your wedding, they would meet you again and start going over details with you. If your DJ wants to meet only a week or so ahead of your wedding - just say no. You should expect more from them.

This is what a professional DJ does in the months prior to your event:

1. They have your itinerary / wedding party names to review and make sure there are no issues and that transitions from one thing to a next have a natural flow to them.

2. They would be communicating with you regarding any last minute changes you might have, sometimes talking to the banquet facility or your photographer if questions arise or to discuss setup requirements.

3. They would review your music requests and make sure they have all your key songs. Many DJs will prepare a working CD with all your selected songs on it to even further make sure there are no issues on the day of your wedding.

4. Many DJs now will work on music programming on their laptop - they will prepare just the right mix of music for social hour and dinner ahead of time. For your dance selections, they may prepare a play list so all the songs you want are easily accessible and for quick reference.

5. They will prepare their equipment and load up just the right pieces for your event and bring sufficient backup in case of emergency.

A typical wedding might require about 5-10 hours of preparation event BEFORE the day of your wedding. Ask your potential DJ how much time they invest in preparation for your event - you might be amazed at the differences between lesser DJs and true professionals.

Rob Alberti
After Hours Disc Jockey Service - MA/CT/RI

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