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Celtic Engagement Rings - For a Truly Symbolic Wedding Engagement

For a Truly Symbolic Wedding Engagement-Irish Engagement Rings

An engagement is a beautiful time brimming with new feelings of commitment, love and friendship for the husband and wife to be. Such a wonderful and unequaled time can always be remembered using ideas and symbols that stand for those feelings, and Celtic engagement rings are the perfect choice. Representing everlasting friendship and true love, these engagement rings are wrapped in heritage and history and are a beautiful way to express a couple's profound feelings for one another.

The complicated and complex designs and patterns in Celtic engagement rings offer couples a way to reveal a love that's as special and unique as the engagement ring itself. A symbol that is both culturally and historically inspired, a Celtic knot engagement ring is an incredible representation of love and commitment that you do not need to be of Irish decent to appreciate. Worn the world over, the Celtic knot is one of the most famous designs in Celtic jewelry, and is a unique way for couples of all cultures and heritages to show their life long dedication to one another.

An Irish engagement ring is an exceptional way to profess an enduring and honorable dedication to one another, and an incorporation of the Celtic knot and Claddagh design is a great way to combine both traditional and contemporary symbolism. Dating back more than four hundred years ago, the Claddagh design shows a crown over a pair of hands clutching a heart. Generally when someone wears a Claddagh ring on the left hand with the crown facing opposite the heart it means the person wearing it is engaged. Representing loyalty, love and friendship, a Claddagh Irish engagement ring is a wonderful reminder of why a couple is together.

Modern Irish engagement rings integrate the classic symbolism of the Celtic knot or the Claddagh design with modern, fresh techniques and styles. Diamond Celtic engagement rings can come in a wide assortment of cuts, sizes and styles, including three stone, diamond solitaire and princess cut rings. Engagement rings displaying the Celtic knot and other Celtic designs can be found in white gold, platinum, two tones and yellow gold. Regardless of what you like the most, a Celtic engagement ring is a gorgeous way for couples to make known an unending love for each other in an unequaled way.

Steeped in tradition and history, Irish and Celtic wedding rings are a stunning way to represent the bride and groom's connection and love toward one another. Regardless of whether it is a Claddagh design or a Celtic Knot, Irish engagement and wedding rings will be as unique and special as the love that two people have for one another. Unifying modern techniques with historical traditions, these rings will exemplify a special reminder of the companionship and love that a couple will always share.

Leigh Maher is a writer for who writes about Celtic wedding rings and Irish engagements, both contemporary and traditional.

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