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Wedding Checklist -Organizing That Special Day

Wedding bells ringing in the future? This is a tradition that dates back to ancient times when it was thought that with the ringing of wedding bells, evil is warded off. The excitement of an upcoming wedding leaves the bride and groom tingling. Having a grand wedding that people talk about for years to come is the dream of every couple. They want their wedding day to be special where everyone is happy and bless them whole-heartedly.

For this to take fruition, a lot of detail needs to be taken care of and a wedding checklist made. It can be very arduous and haphazard if not well planned. Beginning to create a wedding in your mind should begin much in advance. There are numerous things that need to be taken care of and ensuring nothing is missed.

Starting off with buying an organizer or wedding planner to make a step-by-step wedding checklist and making a beginning.

The first thing would be to decide on the type of wedding and style of the wedding. This can be done by the bride and groom sitting together and involving parents on both sides. This makes the parents feel wanted and enjoy the wedding along with the couple. If you can afford it, it would be a great idea to find wedding coordinators who also act as consultants to give you various ideas on what is required and how to go about it. They will also help you with the type of decoration you wish to have or a theme wedding if you desire. Friends play a very important role in a wedding. A friend?s wedding is an awaited occasion and filled with fun. Involve close friends from both sides to get ideas.

Once you decide on the type of wedding, next thing to do is to contact the clergy, begin checking out locations for the actual wedding ceremony, rehearsals, reception and other events. The major chunk of time will be taken up in deciding on the bakers, caterers, photographers, videographers, florists, and music. This needs to be done many months in advance to ensure they are available and you get what you want.

Once all these external things are taken care of, time to prepare the guest list to ensure no important person is left out in the last minute. Talk to people who you want as attendants. Start shopping for the wedding dress and accessories for yourselves as well as the attendants. It may be a wise idea to begin looking at honeymoon options available and make travel plans well in advance too. Prepare the menu for the different ceremonies.

About four months ahead of the wedding, time to finalize on all the above. Shop till you drop for the gifts, lingerie, travel clothes, party clothes, gifts for the fianc? etc. Make appointments with the beautician.

A couple of months ahead, time to send out the wedding invitations. Spend at least a couple of days with the family and relax without doing anything at all.

The day is dawning closer and you are left with one week to go. Check all the fine details with all the wedding professionals. Give the list of guests to the caterer. Fine-tune any dressing needs. Finish packing for the honeymoon. Schedule the day prior to the wedding as a free day and relax so that you look great on your wedding day. If all these are done beforehand, things can be done without any hassles and getting rushed. Starting at least 6 months before the wedding if possible is a great idea and this will allow you to have a wedding of your choice and enjoy the wedding too.

Herman Tumurcuoglu the author is an consultant of Marriage Gifts. You can find more information by clicking here about Wedding Checklist.

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