www.weddingchaos.co.uk conducted a recent poll and found that more than 1 in 5 brides (21.2%) did consider the environment when planning their big day.">

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My Wedding and the Environment: Some Brides do Care

(PRWEB) October 23, 2007 -- It would seem today's bride has more on her mind than just her wedding, as www.weddingchaos.co.uk conducted a recent poll and found that more than 1 in 5 brides (21.2%) did consider the environment when planning their big day.

This is good news for environmental campaigners despite celebrities such as Liz Hurley finding it a little difficult to reduce their carbon-foot print as she and her millionaire husband Arun Nayer tied the knot in Gloucestershire and then jetted off to India to do it all again!

Bride-to-be, Jenny, from London explains how she has been able to make less of an impact on the planet and save money at the same time "we are all travelling in one minibus rather than several people going in cars and planes??.." although Jenny does admit, "?.it wasn't planned that way, we were saving cash."

Just over 1 in 10 couples polled (10.3%) said it was worth the extra cost to their wedding. Rosie from Leeds says she and her partner are "actively trying to have an ethnical and environmentally friendly wedding as it is important to us". She goes on to say "I am trying to find a second hand wedding dress or will have one made using fair-trade fabrics."

Just over half the couples polled (51.2%) admitted to not having given the environment a second thought when planning their wedding. It's these couples that wedding planners would do well to attract. One way to attract would-be clients is through offering a more ethical and environmentally conscious service, which looks to source from local businesses and minimise the amount of energy consumed by the wedding party, whilst still delivering the wedding the client dreams of.

Helen Molyneux, from BoutiqueWeddings.co.uk, is one such wedding planner who has embraced the environmental friendly ethos. She says in response to the poll: "We think these figures are really encouraging. More and more people are starting to think about their impact on the environment in every day life and this is now starting to be reflected in the amount of people who want to continue that ethos and respect on their special day. It's really wonderful to think that you've had the perfect celebration and in the process the choices you made have helped people receive a fair price for their service or product and the environment has been enhanced or unchanged by your celebrations. The perfect celebration in our eyes is when a couple is blissfully content with their day and in addition their impact on planet and people was positive."

In contrast 16% of couples thought it either too much effort (11.8%) or didn't consider the environment due to the cost (5.2%).

It's a popular misconception that people believe it will cost them more money to reduce their carbon footprint. This really doesn't have to be the case, by simply taking steps such as:

* Asking guests to car share

* Purchase flowers which have been grown in the UK and that are in season

* Asking guests to use biodegradable confetti

* Using local produce for your meal

You can make a difference. If you'd like more great ideas on how to have a Green Wedding then visit http://www.weddingchaos.co.uk/green-wedding.asp


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