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Focus On What Is Important – Your Wedding Disc Jockey Choice

Your true love got down on his knees and asked you to marry him. Barely able to get the words out, you say "I Will". That is but the first of many choices you must make when planning a wedding. So many people get caught up in the buying frenzy of wedding planning, that they lose sight of the thing that really matters.

Choosing your Wedding disc jockey should not be one of the final details. In a recent survey of brides-to-be, they ranked choosing their wedding photographer more than twice as important as their Wedding disc jockey. Let's think about this – sure, wedding photography is important when it comes to capturing the moment. If your photographer didn't show up – the wedding and reception would go on just as planned. Without your Wedding disc jockey – things come to a screeching halt. People would leave soon after dinner without the musical entertainment of your Wedding disc jockey. So why is it that people pay $2,000-$4,000 on average for a wedding photographer and they look to pay only $750 for a bargain disc jockey?

Here is some food for thought. The average Connecticut banquet facility charges around $75/pp for the meal. With an average wedding comprised of about 150 guests, that's over $11,000 in meal cost. The 18% gratuity on that alone is over $2,000. A top-quality Wedding disc jockey would cost you between $1,000-$2,000. That's less than the gratuity on the meal!

Remember that $75/pp meal will only occupy guests for 2 hours out of the average 5 hour reception. Your Wedding disc jockey is responsible for everything after the meal. Your banquet staff will disappear into the background. Their job is done. It is time for your Wedding disc jockey to bring the event to a party atmosphere.

Let's look at your wedding budget for a minute. The difference between a low-end disc jockey and a true top-notch professional Wedding disc jockey is less than $1,000. What other items in your wedding budget can be eliminated to facilitate obtaining a better wedding reception entertainer?

Printed napkins - $150
Cake knife set - $50
Toast glasses - $50
Ice sculpture - $200
Floral centerpieces - $20/table = $200 (can be replaced with inexpensive votive candles)
Wedding favors - $250

Not one of these items would be missed if they were not present at your Wedding reception. Without the best available Wedding disc jockey, your party could be a flop from the moment people walk in. We've all been to events where the Wedding disc jockey plays "Kenny G" music throughout cocktail and dinner as if guests are not supposed to notice that they are just playing the same cd. We've gone to events where the Wedding disc jockey plays the same music in the same order as the last person without any regard to the crowd or what they are reacting to or not reacting to. Choose wisely and make sure your Wedding budget keeps emphasis on the important things that will guarantee you a successful Wedding reception and not one where guests stare at their wrist watches looking for an opportunity to sneak out early due to lack of quality Wedding disc jockey entertainment.

Rob Alberti
Professional Wedding Disc Jockey since 1983
After Hours Disc Jockey Service - MA/CT/RI Regions

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