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Adorama Camera's "100 in 100" Free Photography Tips Series Enters Sixth Week

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 15, 2007 -- Adorama Camera today started the sixth week of "100 in 100: 100 Photography Tips in 100 Days" (, a series of free photography tips for snapshooters and camera enthusiasts, posted every day from today through December 18, 2007. "100 in 100" is the latest addition to the AIRC (Adorama Imaging Resource Center), Adorama Camera's online photo magazine.

The tips are written in relatively non-technical language, so anyone can learn, no matter what experience they have. "It only takes a minute to read each day's tip," notes 100 in 100 Editor Mason Resnick. "But based on the feedback we've received, many photography enthusiasts report they're already seeing an improvement in their work based on our tips."

Visitors to 100 in 100 this week will learn: How to dynamically light autumn leaves; how to handhold your camera steadily in low light without a flash or tripod; how to shoot silhouettes; keeping fast-moving subjects sharp while showing a sense of movement; using an Adobe Photoshop feature to create a hand-colored black-and-white print look; and how to work with the color yellow when composing a photograph.

Last week's tips included: how to use anti-shake technology to get sharper photos; why you should bracket (shoot at several exposure settings) to get the best exposure; how to soften the harshness of on-camera flash; the missing item that will make a difference in scenics; using backlighting when shooting fall foliage; and where to place the horizon in your scenes.

"We're thrilled with the positive response we've received so far," notes AIRC editor in chief Mason Resnick. "100 in 100 is getting an excellent response and is attracting photography enthusiasts who haven't been to Adorama or visited the AIRC before."

Resnick is inviting bloggers and webmasters with photo-related content to link to "100 in 100," ( "If you have photography-related content on your site, this will add value to it," he notes.

Daily and weekly summaries will be available via the AIRC's News Desk RSS feed (

Online photo magazine at a retail site?

AIRC - Adorama Imaging Resource Center ( is the choice destination for photographers at all levels of experience who want to improve their picture-taking and image-editing skills. AIRC has over 275 how-to photography articles, buying guides and picture-selling advice, as well as daily breaking news about the photography industry, written by a team of top photography experts.

Why would Adorama, a well-respected New York-based camera retailer, publish what is essentially an online photo magazine? Resnick says, "we believe the more information and knowledge we can provide, the more people will trust Adorama both as a reliable information source and as a place where they can feel comfortable buying their photographic gear."


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