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Wedding Website Provider Announces New Music Capabilities

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) October 13, 2007 -- ( announces the unveiling of a brand new wedding website audio feature that will make sharing your wedding planning experience over the web more vivid than ever.

Now, visitors to a couple's wedding website can hear their favorite and most meaningful musical selections, played in sequence and accompanied by notes that scroll in a customized music player. clients have a variety of options to choose from in implementing this new facet of their online wedding planning showcase, including how they want the music controls displayed and what their personal messages should be for each song. Music can be uploaded in MP3 format, and multiple songs can play in sequence.

"We needed a website that allowed us to upload music that George had written himself," say clients Kelli and George of Atlanta, Georgia. "We had hoped for the capability of the site to automatically play the music and load more than one song. [ upgraded the music capabilities to do just that! Our coworkers, friends, and family love our website. We even added a D.J. request box for a little fun."

Wedding websites are quickly becoming a must-have wedding planning tool, and for good reason. They allow couples to post easy-to-find registries, online RSVP's, maps and directions, and many more timesavers geared towards enabling the planning couple to cut down on the stress load and have more fun., a Silicon Valley company founded in 2004, provides a service that lets engaged couples create their very own professional wedding website without any technical know-how. The websites can be live and online in minutes, and now they can sport your own personal jukebox as well as showcase your photos and videos. "Music is almost always an important aspect of a couple's relationship," says CEO Crystal Melendez. "Think about how large a role music plays in a wedding celebration, and in our lives in general. We wanted to allow this life soundtrack to take center stage in our clients' websites, in an innovative, fun, and exciting way. People are going to love the new music capabilities of their wedding websites, and so will their friends and family."

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About Wed Share: was founded in 2004 by Crystal and Jason Melendez, online wedding planning experts, married couple, and authors of "e-Plan Your Wedding: How to Save Time and Money with Today's Best Online Resources". Since its founding, has become a leading planning resource and top personal wedding website provider. The company is based in California's Silicon Valley and has an international client base that stretches across the globe. Its goal is to enable anyone to create their own unique personal wedding website, and to use the latest technology to streamline the many planning details with ease and confidence.

( An Press Release )

Contact Info:

Name: Crystal Melendez

Address: 123 E. San Carlos St. #113

City: San Jose

State: California

Country: United States

Zip: 95112

Web Address:

Business Blog:

Phone: 408-404-5225


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