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Embassy Pro Books Announces Launch of Photo Book Reseller Program for Professional Wedding Photographers

Oakville, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) October 16, 2007 -- Embassy Pro Books, North America?s photo book ( manufacturer for professional photographers and graphic designers, is very pleased to announce the launch of a reseller program for professional wedding photographers. This program will allow wedding photographers ( a very unique opportunity to:

- Present their work in a highly customizable format that showcases their talent, their vision, and the scope of their expressive creativity.

- Format their work so that it flows and allows the images to tell a story.

- Market their skills to potential clients and enhance their business opportunities by providing a finished product of extraordinary quality that makes an immediate and lasting impact.

High Quality Professional Wedding Albums

Embassy Pro Books ( are not just photo books but high quality professional wedding albums that allow professional photographers unparalleled control over the design, layout, and presentation of their images. What?s more, the process is designed so that photographers at every level of experience will be able to choose a book size, download one of the custom templates, format the images as they wish, add text and custom backgrounds, and upload the template file so that their work can be published.

This flexibility will make a very favorable impression with photographers? clients as they can choose the cover materials, page count, paper finishes, dust jackets, and more! The clients will enjoy the input that they can have on the design of these high quality wedding albums ( and photographers will enjoy the creative freedom and credibility that these photo books will provide for their businesses.

Embassy Pro Photo Books

For over three generations, the Embassy team has brought a wealth of award-winning printing, binding, publishing, and design experience to allow photographers to build their businesses, express their creativity, and provide their customers with high quality wedding albums that are designed and constructed to last lifetimes.

As part of our launch of the reseller program for professional photographers, we are offering savings of 50% off the price of their first pro book order. For more information about this offer and our photo books, please call us at 888-477-8629 x272 or visit our website at


Bryan Payne

Embassy Digital

888-477-8629 x272

bpayne @

# # #

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