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Wedding Dress Wholesaler and Retailer Dragon Orient Showcases Affordable Wedding Dresses and Wedding Accessories, Now Including Free Custom-Made Servi

(PRWEB) September 12, 2007 -- When it's the one, she knows it. The search for the perfect wedding dress is a tradition that is practiced in many cultures. Making the hunt even easier, Dragon Orient's exquisite, affordable wedding dresses ( are a breath of fresh air in a market dominated by high prices. Now offering custom-made services, all merchandise is made from fine, high quality fabrics and materials. Find accessories and dresses for the entire wedding party, including the mother of the bride, without breaking the budget.

Dragon Orient CEO Nelson Fan says, "We strive to save a bride's budget by offering high quality, stylish discount bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns at affordable prices."

The cost-efficiency found in Dragon Orient's inventory does not stop at wedding gowns. Discount bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses and wedding hair accessories can also be found in their selection. Discover jewelry, veils, headpieces, bags and other accessories for prices that easily fit into a wedding budget. Brides can find jewelry to give to their wedding party or an exquisite tiara to complement their gowns without spending too much money.

Knowing that brides everywhere are looking for a good deal on a wedding dress or discount bridesmaid dresses ( for their wedding party, Dragon Orient has the advantage of working as an exporter, sending quality, discount, formal dresses to wholesalers around the globe. Wholesalers can register on Dragon Orient's website and a Dragon Orient staff member will contact the wholesaler to start the process. Along with the wide selection of affordable wedding dresses, free custom services and OEM services are available for dresses and bridal accessories.

Fan stresses, "We work to ensure that we provide what brides and those involved with the wedding planning process are looking for, relieving the stress and anxiety that can sometimes come with the cost of planning of a wedding. We are able to export our quality merchandise internationally, meeting the needs of wholesalers in America, Europe, AU, NZ and the Middle East and as a result, making our merchandise available to individuals across the globe."

Regardless of where your wedding is being held, Dragon Orient has a dress to fit the occasion. From casual dresses to extremely formal, to maternity wedding dresses, their inventory runs the gamut of every type of wedding and location, all fitting within the confines of the ever-growing wedding day budget.

For additional information about Dragon Orient ( and their merchandise, please visit

About Dragon Orient:

Since 2003, Dragon Orient has exported wedding dresses to wholesalers and retailers in the bridal business, providing wedding dresses and accessories to suit almost any budget. CEO Nelson Fan oversees the operations of Dragon Orient.


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Wow! When I looked into airboat tours with Cypress Airboats I had no idea what a ride of a lifetime I was going to have. I?m a freelance photographer and have always been interested in wetlands and the wildlife in the Florida everglades. Yet, I?d kept myself to what I considered safer pursuits after hearing horror stories about photographers and journalists going into the everglades and getting severely hurt, so I was afraid to try it until now.

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Just like weddings, receptions are often theme based as well. Reception themes are often more relaxed than wedding themes because they are meant to be provided in a party atmosphere.

Wedding Shower Invitations: An Overview
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Getting Professional Quality Sound On Your Wedding Video.
When you first look at what you?ve filmed on your new camcorder you?ll be really pleased with the results, but that initial novelty makes you immune to all the usual faults such as wobbly shots, too much panning and zooming etc. All these visual faults can easily be corrected using better techniques and a tripod or monopod.

4 Ways To Add The Funny To A Wedding Speech Or Toast
Some of the best wedding speeches have been some of the funniest. Yet, many brides, grooms, father?s, best men, and more are wary of adding humor to their speeches for fear that they will not be funny. Yet humor can add a touch of light to a day filled with emotions. Humor is a great way to cut through the sentimental while offering the bride and groom your best. So, how can you ?add the funny? to your wedding speech? Here are four tips to get you started:

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The process of utilizing existing photographs for various commercial, advertising and media purposes is termed as Stock Photography. Especially for individuals in various creative industries like web designing, book publishing, advertising agencies, magazine editors, graphic artists, interior decorators and those working in various creative corporate groups, the availability of stock photographs in online sites proves to be a great boon. Along with providing you an easy way of browsing through thousands of professionally taken photographs relevant to your particular field of work, availing stock photographs proves far more economic than individually appointing professional photographers and obtaining photographs of different entities shot o...

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Selecting Good Stock Photography in the Age of Digital
The business of stock photography has drastically changed over the last few years. Ten years ago, selecting photographs for your brochure or newsletter meant spending hours pouring over stock photography catalogs and ordering photo research to find the exact image.

8 Questions Brides Ask About Setting up a Wedding Registry
In theory, setting up a registry is simple. You decide on one or several stores, create a registry online or in person, select various items, and get the word out to your guests.

Cheap Wedding Favors
Planning a wedding of any size or budget can have numerous items that may be quite costly. In addition to planning for the dress and cake, a bride will want to spend thought considering the wedding favors for her guests.

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