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Your Simple Guide On How To Plan A Wedding

So you are interested in planning your own wedding? Well here is a simple guide on how to plan a wedding.

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life is a wedding and the memories of it last a lifetime. The memories you make and keep will be dependent on how you plan and organise your wedding. You do not need a lot of money to make it unique and beautiful wedding ceremony. It is all in the planning. To make your lasting memories pleasant you should as much as possible plan it well ahead of time.

With the engagement comes a felling of happiness and joy and the anticipation about the wedding starts on the same day of the engagement. Your Wedding is the celebration of your love and commitment to each other and you should make sure that there is nothing to ruin your big day and your memoirs.

You wedding planning activity include many tasks that it is essential to have checklist, preferably written, lest you forget something. This checklist will contain all the works to be done along with time lines and other resources. Additionally, you should consult your checklist from time to time and find out what tasks are outstanding or behind schedule. Charts and Worksheets are excellent tools that can assist you in planning the activities necessary for your wedding.

First of all when planning a wedding you need to list all the activities that will be associated with the wedding. These include selecting the theme, deciding on the wedding party, the menu, your wedding dress or suit, the wedding cakes, reception venue, the music, the photographer, florist and caterers to name a few.

Secondly you need to think about setting a budget. This budget is necessary to determine how much you want to spend on your wedding and know how much you want to allocate for each item on your list. Your budget should be practical and flexible enough to allow for indulgences and variances in cost of items.

Based on your budget and you will then select the venue where the wedding ceremony and reception will take place. When selecting your venues it is important that your keep in mind the number of persons you expect to be at your wedding. Try and book your wedding and reception sites early as possible, to ensure they availability for your wedding date.

Then you may want to consider your wedding gowns. You may opt to purchase your dress or suit through an online store or had it custom made. Make sure that your wedding suits arrive early and are ready. If they are not, this can contribute to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Food is an important part of the wedding and you should dedicate adequate time to selecting the menu and the catering party. You should ensure that you cater for guests who are vegetarians. You should also ensure that you have adequate drinks. Bad food or too little food and drinks can ruin your wedding.

Depending on the size of your wedding you may choose to call up your guest or send out invitations. Whatever your choice It?s important that you do it early to allow your guest sufficient time to buy their own wedding attire and gifts for the wedding couple.

Also make sure that professionals such as photographers, decorators, music band, wedding coordinator, florists, entertainers are contacted early and keep following up with them to ensure that everything you discussed goes according to plan.

The key in wedding planning is to be organised. You need to plan everything. If you are organised then it is then and only then you can master the techniques of how to plan a wedding.

Carla Lendor is the owner of Share your joys, frustrations, experiences, expertise, suggestions and ideas on how to plan a wedding.

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