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Grooms Now Have a Wedding Guide Thanks to and Adams Media

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 5, 2007 --, the comprehensive online engagement and wedding guide for grooms (, and Adams Media, a division of F+W Publications, announced today an agreement for and founder, Michael Arnot, to author a comprehensive, clearly stated and convenient wedding and engagement guide for grooms (

?We are very pleased to work with,? says Beth Gissinger, Director of Publicity, Adams Media. ?The website is unique in that it provides the best information available for grooms, the best man and any of the men involved in a wedding. The book, as a complement to the site, will reach a key audience.?

"Whether they are planning a honeymoon, wedding speech or wondering about pre-marital counseling, has grooms covered, with humor and class,? says Michael Arnot, founder of ?We believe men will be well served by a book edition published by a publisher well-known in the wedding space, Adams Media."

With a target publication date of late 2008, the book will cover traditional and taboo topics for the groom ( with a no-nonsense style, based upon content existing on the site, including:

    * Gut Check: Are you sure you are ready to get married?

    * How to Pop the Question

    * Dealing with Bridezilla

    * Interfaith marriages

    * Bachelor Party Survival for Grooms & Best Man Duties (

    * How to make a wedding toast

    * Wedding night performance    

    * How to plan a proper honeymoon

    * Life after the honeymoon


Groove Media LLC was founded in 2007 and operates ( is a comprehensive online engagement and wedding guide for men, including informational articles for grooms, the best man, groomsmen, wedding MCs and the father of the bride.

About Adams Media

A successful series-brand non-fiction publisher, Adams Media has built its reputation by providing practical and meaningful content that purposefully inspires, informs and impacts the lives of its customers. In 2003 F+W Publications, one of the largest special interest publishers in the world purchased Adams Media. Adams Media continues to further its vision of publishing 'difference making' books that meet the diverse needs of today's readers.


Aubree Smith

Creative Director


Michael Arnot

President and Founder


# # #

This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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