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Jet Set Pets Flip for Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix, the Authority on the Glam Pet Photography and Featured Pet Photographer for Pet Fashion Week

(PRWEB) August 27, 2007 -- Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix is the premiere luxury pet photography studio in the country. Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix features the best of the best of trend-setting pet fashion photography for pet lovers, corporate pet fashion photography and posh pet events alike. Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix's photographer is widely published in fashion, music and entertainment magazines. It's a photography style that can be compared to no other. That's why Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix is the featured photographer at Pet Fashion week, a must-see for pampered pets and their owners alike.

Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix clients are an A-list of the most affluent, sophisticated pet owners from coast to coast. They live a fast-paced lifestyle and expect only the best for their beloved pets. They tote pets around in Louis Vuitton carriers, dress them in triple-ply cashmere sweater sets, take them on exotic dog-friendly vacations, have pet masseuses to give pets the latest spa treatments, dress pets in diamond necklaces, and throw black tie doggy weddings at the Pierre for hundreds of two-legged and four-legged guests alike.

Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix also travels around the globe taking from Beverly Hills to Paris taking professional portraits of jet-set pets around the world. The posh portraits reflect the pet's emotions and passion, with their personality and individuality shining through. Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix caters to the fun, fabulous, upscale professionals in New York, based out of the chic Capsule Studios in Union Square. PitterPitter-Patter-Pet Pix let's the pet's individual personality shine through and gives each animal a voice through her revealing pet portraits. Above all, Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix believes in creating the best photographs for pet enthusiasts and pets themselves.

Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix is the brainchild of Haruko, who has been a photojournalist, celebrity photographer, and corporate photographer since 1983. Haruko's photos hang in celebrity homes, boardrooms, and Fortune 500 companies. She now lends her years of fashion and celebrity experience to photographing four-legged fashionistas. She creates her Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix out of Capsule Studio, a sleek space across from ABC Carpet and Home in Union Square. Haruko combines a passion for animals with her talent for high fashion photography. A former fashion and celebrity photographer, Haruko has snapped some of the most famous faces around the world including celebs, rockers and artists. Since starting Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix, Haruko has become the leader in fashionable, chic pet fashion photography, making Pitter-Patter-Pet Pix the top-rated pet photography service in the country. For more information, go to


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Videographers Could Learn A Thing From Photography
Wedding photographers and videographers are often the center of a love/hate relationship. Perhaps it's their shooting mentality, ego, or business interests. As a videographer I find this unfortunate because photography is a very powerful medium that can be used for video production. Some of my best work resulted from a combination of photographs and video. In fact, I don't even need to be a great photographer to still come up with a great edit. Let me explain ...

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Tips for Pet Digital Photography Dilemmas
Pets are a member of the family, so it?s natural to include them in all sorts of family activities, even family portraits. As with any family member, it can be frustrating after capturing what you perceived to be a fantastic image, to find that you would have an otherwise good picture sans the big glowing orbs where your furry friend?s eyes would be. HP digital cameras have introduced a solution to this problem. HP?s pet-eye fix ensures natural looking results through analyzing your pet?s pupil and glint, unlike other solutions intended to remedy red eye which work by merely darkening the glow.

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Wedding Hair & Make-Up Tips
Preparing yourself to look beautiful on your Toronto wedding day doesn?t start a few hours before the ceremony. There are several things you can do in advance to help yourself look and feel beautiful on your wedding day:

Absolute Wedding Store Now Offers Complete Wedding Items from Bridal Jewelry to Reception Decoration
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Photography And The Cell Phone
Nearly every modern cell phone has a camera feature. Though they are far away from modern age digital camera, cell phone cameras can still be used to produce good quality photographs.

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