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Does DIY Help You Save Money in Your Wedding?

Planning wedding is a stressful period of time.

If you are planning your wedding now, I?m sure you may agree with me to a certain extent.

There could be may sources of stresses.

For me, money is definitely one great stressor.

Unless someone is sponsoring my wedding, money is always an issue and still is now.

Next stressor could be from mother-in-law?Haha?many married men will raise up both hands and legs to agree with me.

There is one person who men can never offend?and you know who I am referring to.

There are many instances I disagree with what my mother-in-law said?but it is forever so hard to say ?No, I disagree.?

You try doing that and your married life will never be a peaceful one.

There are always topics for disagreement?Family practices?furniture design?bridal gown designs?wedding photos?

You name it?I can say ?You got it.?

I think such challenges are normal for many married couples.

I just had a call from a friend who said that she just couldn?t stand her mother-in-law. The on-going battle had been going on for a few years.

Another friend of them also can?t stand her mother-in-law as she always put my friend down using nasty words. So, she decided to move out of her house?soon

Would you want your mother-in-law to prepare buttered bread and a bottle of chicken essence for you every morning?

Would you want your mother-in-law to treat you like a friend and discuss matter with you and at the same time taking care of your feelings?

Would you want your mother-in-law to cook for you every day without any complaint?

My mother meets all 3 criteria?

Talking about stress, my mother doesn?t give us any. She left us alone to live our own lives.

However, there will still be stress from other aspects of our lives.

health.caloriescount.comThese are 5 things you can do right now to relieve stress: 1. Talk to your partner and tell him you just need a listening ear. 2. Massage your partner and get him to do the same thing for you. 3. Go for a jog or a slow walk. 4. Listen to relaxing music. 5. Take a nap and a day break.

Jhong Ren runs My Wedding Blog - an online wedding diary that gives more than just the usual tips and advice on a daily basis. Check out now and by all means leave us your comments.

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