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Modern Weddings Are Based Upon Customization

Modern wedding planning trends are based upon ?customization.? You will want to first decide upon a theme for your wedding. Consider the following 5 reception themes as a start:

? Garden Weddings ? Country Weddings ? Moroccan weddings ? Asian-Style weddings ? Beach weddings

For garden weddings you might use illustrated seed packets to mark tables, cover a table with cool green moss and decorate with small potted herbs.

Country wedding themes could include serving your guests with hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks during dessert and sending your guests home with gifts of mason jars filled with peach preserves.

Moroccan wedding themes may include filling wicker baskets with fruit pates and exotic candy. Decorate with hanging colored-glass lanterns.

Beach weddings ? decorate with fish bowls filled with water and floating candles.

Other ideas for your customized wedding may include:

?Send out your invitations in picture frames ?Have a candlelit dessert reception ?Greet your guests with welcome baskets

Welcome baskets have now become a big part of the wedding weekend. Be creative. Think about what makes your town unique. Gather contents early and order containers. Label each basket with the guests? names and them a basket in their hotel rooms. Examples of welcome baskets might include:

?Gourmet baskets filled with wine, cheese, biscuits and a corkscrew ?A beach tote with lip balm, sunscreen, flip flops

Planning a wedding can be one of the most time-consuming and ?expensive? tasks there are. One way to help you cut costs is to use easy-to-print wedding invitation kits. These kits usually contain about 25 invitations, 50 fold over note cards and coordinating envelopes and available in several different designs. The kits come with step-by-step easy to follow instructions.

Resources online are Masterpiece Studios, and refer to their etiquette guidelines and product templates to help you create invitations that have proper wording and perfect layouts. They also can provide you with matching bulletins, place cards, programs, and stationery.

The most traditional type of a wedding invitation is:

?A vertically folded sheet today measures 5 1/8? X 7 ?? most common, which signals a formal occasion ?The most traditional engraving style in America is English Script. Antique Roman is also very popular.

How about something not so traditional?

Especially for the Indian bride is a new way to announce wedding news online at This is the first interactive multimedia Indian wedding card experience. The collection features interactive invitations with vibrant designs and stunning animation even with traditional Indian music.

If family and friends live all over the globe, traditional paper cards are not always the easiest, fastest or most cost-effective way to reach those you wish to attend your wedding.

Although the invitation collection is inspired by Hindu traditions, brides and grooms from any culture looking for something different, something cool, or a new and funky way to announce their upcoming marriage are encouraged to take a look at these magically entertaining cards.

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Connie Limon. For an extensive list of FREE reprint articles all about ?Weddings,? visit us at

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