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Wedding Shower Gift Idea

Wedding shower is a time for the bride, close family, and friends to get together before the wedding. It is a happy event but can sometimes become very emotional between close friends since as was said, it is the last time for female friends to enjoy each other's company before one of them gets married. Wedding shower is usually hosted by the close friend or the sister of the bride. During this time, all eyes are on the bride. This is her day, prior to the most special day of the wedding.

Personalized gifts make great wedding shower gift, items for the honeymoon, or just about anything that is meaningful, creative, and personal. This is the time to give meaningful gifts to meaningful people.

Here are some wedding shower gift ideas:

1. A scrapbook filled with photos and mementos. This will take time and careful planning. Whether it be a close friend or family member who is getting married, it is advisable to start planning the scrapbook at least a month in advance. You can fill it up with: a. Old and new photos b. Tickets, receipts of memorable dates c. Short sweet messages from people close to the both of you d. Memorable labels, inside jokes, this is the time!

Use glittery pens and glitter glue, sand, crayons, and colorful pens for this. Your nearby stationery store should have a simple scrapbook that you can easily work with. This is a great idea to keep personal memories alive, the recipient can keep this in their bedrooms or living rooms to look back on at any time.

2. Honeymoon gift baskets. Find out where the bride will be going for their honeymoon, and give her something appropriate for this. Items you place in the honeymoon gift baskets can still be used after the honeymoon, so it is a functional gift as well. If the honeymoon is a tropical destination, you might want to give: a. Sun block/suntan oil b. A swimsuit c. A beach towel d. A pair of shades e. A sarong f. Bath scrubs, lotions

For honeymoons in colder climates, you can put: a. Lip balm b. Sunglasses c. Scarves d. Lotion

3. Childhood gifts, such as the bride's favorite teddy bear, locket, or doll, with a short and sweet message attached.

4. A very personal gift from a close family member, is a scrapbook or photo album with pictures from the bride's childhood until the present. This will spark conversations about growing up and how much has changed over the course of time.

5. Gifts for the new home. Give the bride something she can cherish in her new home, such as: a. a personalized quilt b. pillow cases monogrammed with the bride and groom's initials c. blankets and bed covers with monograms

6. A relaxing spa set for the bride to use while unwinding after the wedding's festivities.

7. Gift baskets, filled with the bride's favorite goodies. Whether it is her favorite perfume, a book by her favorite writer, scented lotion, the basket should clearly be reflective of the bride and her personality.

8. A gift basket of favorite family recipes, elegantly wrapped with sheer material, lace, or ribbons.

9. Handcrafted jewelry. If you are fond of making accessories, giving the bride something one of a kind and personal, something made just for her makes the gift extra special.

10. Following tradition, one can also give lingerie or teddies to the bride. "Adults only" baskets are also a fun choice, giving the couple fun items for their honeymoon night.

11. Have a perfume maker combine different scents and oils to produce a scent that is truly the bride.

12. Personalized notepads or stationery sets with the new name or initials of the bride and groom. They can use these to send notes and thank you cards with both their names in these.

13. A spice rack and a box of recipes for their new kitchen.

14. Beautifully crafted vases for flowers in the new home.

15. Board games that the couple can use for entertaining.

16. A wine rack is a great idea, they can store these in their den.

17. Good quality china set for 2 that they can use on special dinners at home.

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