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Wedding Table Decoration Idea

Wedding tables are the center of attention during the reception, aside from the bride and the groom of course. Wedding tables should be carefully planned out, as it will be the focal point during most conversations and eating during the reception.

Wedding table decorations can be the highlight of your wedding theme, or can be a complementary alternative.

Here are some ideas to help you plan your wedding table decoration ideas:

1. For dimmer venues, use tealight candles in little glass boxes, to be placed along side each table setting. This adds a dreamy atmosphere while not making it too difficult for guests to find their food.

2. Large clear glass bowls filled with sand and floating candles make a great centerpiece. Add shells to the bowl if you are having a beachside wedding for an accent. Use white and green flowers to go with the shells in the bowl for colors that are close to nature.

3. Sprinkle rose petals on tables for a romantic touch.

4. Use a variety of small, medium and large candles for the centerpiece. Wrap them together with string and colorful beads for extra shimmer. Sparkly ribbons or lace are also a good alternative.

5. Select your china according to the theme of your wedding. If you are having an informal wedding, simple white porcelain plates with gold or silver edges are good. Informal weddings are more appropriate for using for creative china. Square plates are also fun. For more formal weddings, you can use a gold tinted pad instead of a placemat.

6. Simple and plain dining ware deserves a more extravagant centerpiece. Use simple white dining ware and clear crystals, but for the centerpiece, use gold and silver embossed vases, about 3 or 4, and fill them up with tulip buds in various colors. The richness and drama of the colors do not need any more accents from dining ware and are a great highlight on their own.

7. Wrap chairs with organza ribbons in dark shades of ivory or gold, and use table napkins of the same color. Tie alternating styles of flowers on each chair for some variety, and use simple matte gold plates. For the centerpiece, use a lilac and ivory combination for flowers and candles.

8. For something different, use a square table, and square plates. Choose one color and work around lighter shades of it for the table settings. For example, ice blue table cloths to go to with ice blue ribbons around the chairs. Table napkins come in a shade or two lighter, and leave the plates white for some contrast.

9. Instead of using just one vase with flowers, mix them up by placing more of smaller vases with colorful flowers as a centerpiece.

10. Place about 3 or 4 bottles of wine in each table, and use dark roses to complement the dramatic colors. Include a photo of the couple in each table.

11. For a minimal look, use clear glass plates with white and silver accents. For the centerpiece, a large clear glass vase with long stems of flower buds in it, instead of a bunch of leaves and open flowers. Metallic and rich table and chair covers can add some sparkle, and use only one flower at the back of each chair.

12. For a more rustic look, work with shades of bronze, red, and deep blue. Use brown place mats with white plates, and use deep red cloth to drape the chairs and tables. Deep blue accents can be placed in the table napkins and colors of the flowers. Sprinkle red rose petals and almonds on the table cloth, with a few pieces of palm leaves on the border of the centerpiece.

13. For beach weddings, give it an extra refreshing touch by using a large clear bowl of fruits as a centerpiece.

14. Depending on the color of your theme, fill the centerpiece bowl with fruits matching the theme to give a variety in texture.

15. Use raspberry and gold for a refreshing table theme. Cut the flower head off, and display them in little glass containers, what you would normally use for tea lights. Place the flowers on the perimeter of another centerpiece of short red candles. Use matte gold plates and blush pink table napkins and chair drapers.

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