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Wedding Anniversary Idea

Wedding anniversary is a special celebration for couples as they mark another year into their marriage. There are many ideas couples can choose from to make their wedding anniversary as unforgettable as their own weddings. Many couples choose to take vacations and leaving kids and work behind for a few days while they go out of town or out of the country to celebrate. Others opt to celebrate with their families at home, in hotel, or a nearby resort. Wedding anniversary idea must be carefully planned; and it is not a difficult task. Here, we list some great choices you may want to consider for your wedding anniversary:

Out of Town Wedding Anniversary Idea:

1. Relive the honeymoon experience all over again by taking a trip to your favorite destination as a couple. Book a beachfront room in a romantic beach resort destination such as the Bahamas, Hawaii, Brazil, or the famed tropics of Asia such as Thailand, the Philippines, or even in Indonesia.

A 3- to 4-day trip in the scenic tropics will surely make the trip memorable as you sip wine and enjoy romantic meals by the sunset. Go snorkeling together and enjoy what nature has to offer. Mornings can be spent sipping coffee and reading, while savoring the view from your villa or cottage.

2. Backpacking in Asia for the adventurous, low maintenance couple is a unique way of celebrating anniversaries. Take a tour in Vietnam or Cambodia, and see the wonderful, majestic ruins of old civilizations. Book a room in a local hostel, and walk the streets together to sample local delicacies and purchase wares to take back home for the kids.

3. For couples who are strapped with time and are on a budget, booking a night or two in a bed and breakfast is a simple yet romantic way to celebrate anniversaries. With the variety of bed and breakfasts nowadays, couples can choose one with moods and themes that they would love.

This is also a perfect retreat for those who would like more quiet and simple ways to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. There are Victorian bed and breakfasts, and modern ones to choose from. Typically built from family residences, bed and breakfasts offer a homey vibe that couples will appreciate. Enjoy wine and snacks at night, or watch the sun come up together. Mornings are always pleasurable, one can opt to have breakfast served for them in bed or join others in main dining halls.

4. Rough it up and go camping! Enjoy an intimate camping trip to nearby woods or forests. This will provide you with perfect alone time to enjoy conversation, a warm cup of coffee by the woods, and being one with nature. Wake up together to dewy grass and foggy mornings, and a great day for hiking.

Celebrating at Home:

1. Make your wife feel extra special. If you have children, plan something with your kids for her to wake up to. For example, write in the bathroom mirror, "I love you". Or, when she gets home from work, cover the flooring from the main door in the house leading to the bedroom or the dining room for a sweet surprise. Have a home cooked meal waiting for her, and candle light dinner. Children can help bake a cake, and use icing to write a short sweet note on the cake.

2. Throw a small get together in the house with immediate family members and close friends to make it more intimate. Use a fun theme, such as a Hawaiian theme or 70's decade. Then, plan a video where you will say a sweet message to your spouse, and funny anecdotes from your marriage together to present to everyone as the highlight of the party.

3. Get married again! If you are celebrating 10 or more years of marriage, this would be a good time to get married again. Turn your backyard or garden into a sweet reception site, with close family and friends nearby to share the special moment. Each of you can say vows to each other, and during the toast, talk about the sweet and funny differences in this wedding compared to your first. This is an intimate and simple way of celebrating love and life again.

4. Plan for a portrait of you to be taken. Go to a professional photographer who can help you come up with a great romantic theme and shoot classic photos of you to hang in your living room. These kinds of photos will be cherished for a long time not only by you, but by your children and grandchildren.

Deciding what to do for wedding anniversaries is a perfect way for couples to express their individuality and togetherness as a couple. No matter what you choose, it will be an intimate reflection of your life together, and it will always be full of meaning.

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