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Unique Wedding Favor Idea

Can't think of the kind of wedding favor to give away at your wedding? Selecting appropriate wedding favors entails a lot of planning. The entire wedding is a reflection of the character of the bride and groom, even little details such as wedding favors. Wedding favors should be memorable items, tokens of appreciation for the people who came to share this special day with you, for years after your wedding.

Careful consideration must be taken when choosing what wedding favors to give. Is it something your guests would like? Are these gifts that you yourself would like to receive? Pick something that you think your guests would love, remember that these are for everyone. If you'd like, you can choose to give separate gifts for the men and for the women. Bridesmaids and groomsmen usually receive something different from everyone else, handpicked by the bride and groom themselves.

Depending on what your theme is, wedding favors add a last special touch to the wedding.

If you are on a budget, you can choose to make your own wedding favors at home. Do it yourself wedding favors also make the gifts more personal and thoughtful. You can easily make these gifts pretty by using colorful wrapping papers and ribbons:

1. Mixed cd. A compilation of songs played in the wedding is a great way to keep the memories of your special night alive. 2. Home baked cookies. Got a knack at baking? Thank your guests by letting them sample baked goods that you do best. You can use colorful boxes or simple jars to seal them, and add your note. 3. Almond chocolates. Add some colorful packaging, a little tag, and its ready to give.

Some suggestions for bridesmaids' gifts:

1. Bags with little gifts inside. A beauty set or an out of town kit inside a pretty little bag. 2. A pillowcase and bed sheet set. 3. Champagne glass set.

And for the best man:

1. Personalized flasks. 2. Bottles of wine or champagne. 3. Leather wallets.

If you're having a small wedding (less than 50), more useful personalized wedding favors are a great idea, and make the whole wedding more intimate to all those who attended:

1. Picnic tote bags. Have a small area stitched with, "Thank you for sharing our special day with us." And ending with "Love," and the initials of the bride and groom. 2. Golf tees and golf balls. Especially if majority of the people in your wedding are golf enthusiasts. 3. Caricatures. Hire a caricaturist to draw your guests and serve as a fun and funny wedding favor. 4. Monogrammed luggage tags in different colors. 5. Professional personalized poker kit. Something for your guests to use when they are entertaining at home. 6. Toiletry bags. Packed with goodies needed for going out of town. 7. Shot glasses. Have drawings painted on them, do something that matches the theme of your wedding. You can choose to give away sets of 4 or 6 shot glasses.

If you plan to hold a large wedding, cute and simple wedding favors can do the trick:

1. Refrigerator magnets. You can have these custom made, with a thank you note or one that comes with a photo of the bride and groom, done in cartoons. 2. Personalized tins of mint or chocolate. Delicious wedding favors in cute little tin cans. You can even opt to put you and your fianc?'s photo in the cover of the tin can. 3. Paper hand fans. Something for the warm sunny days, a short message can be hand painted onto the sides of the fan. 4. Jars of goodies. Have an assortment of honey, strawberry jam, or marmalade with a printed note as a label. 5. Cookies or a square slice of frosted cake. Who doesn't like edible giveaways? 6. Organic soap. Place your short and sweet thank you message onto the sticker of the soap, wrapped in nice soft cloth. You can also have your initials carved onto the front of the soap. 7. Bride and groom notepads. You can find this in your local stationary or wedding favor shop. 8. Bottle stoppers. Pick a cute design like that of a bride and groom, or something to go with your theme. 9. Plant seedlings. Memories of your wedding will surely come alive in your guests' gardens with this wedding favor.

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