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Bold and Beautiful Summer Wedding Flower Trends

Ojai, CA (PRWEB) July 21, 2007-- Summer is the season of weddings, and the recent lucky date 7-7-07 set a new historical high record for number of weddings on a single day. In recent times, brides have been turning to do-it-yourself solutions for wedding flowers to save on their budget, and assert their personal style.

There are several trends in summer wedding flowers. Rose petals are the highest selling item on (, which reaches over 50,000 brides per month. Rose petals are a no-brainer for most events, and they are easy to use. They can be used to accent arrangements, decorate tables, or placed along walkways.

The most popular flower type this summer is gerbera daisies ( Hot pink, orange and white are the colors in style. The gerbera daisy is used in centerpieces, bridal bouquets with flair, and decorations.

"Brides are using hot pinks, greens and whites this season. Rose petals are a top seller, which can be used to enhance any event. The gerbera daisy is another high demand flower this season," says Liza Roeser Atwood.

Hydrangeas ( in baby green and white are gaining popularity as the summer progresses, and used as stylish and seasonal bouquets, table centerpieces and other types of arrangements.

In terms of roses, the leading colors are white (, classic red, orange, and green. Mixed bouquets are being arranged with Roses and Mini Callas. The white mini calla lily and white rose petals are selling in equal amounts towards the top of the trend list.

Other flowers being used are ranunculus and freesia.

Greens and pinks capture the bold and beautiful mood of the season. Orange is a good color for distinction, and bohemian vibes. White is the pure classic color, and Hot Pink brings a Ralph Lauren Polo or Laura Ashley innocence.

The following list is the highest selling summer wedding flowers ranked by total volume of sales. (Source:, June 11 - July 11)

Fresh Rose Petal

Gerbera Daisy

White Ecuadorian Rose

Roses and Mini Callas - Mixed

White Standard Calla Lily

Hot Pink Gerber Daisy

Orange Gerber Daisy

White Mini Calla Lily

White Gerber Daisy

Hydrangea White

White Ranunculus


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