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Eliminate Stress and Fully Enjoy the Days Leading up to your Wedding

Maui, HI (PRWEB) July 18, 2007 -- "Jump start your new marriage. Be confident as you enter life together with the essential tools for a fulfilling commitment," says author and life coach, Lynn Rasmussen. "Forget what people have said about marriage being hard work. Men are Easy is written for life today."

Men are Easy, the essential new book for designing your life together, shows how to:

* shift your mood in a heartbeat

* play at your relationship instead of work at it

* capitalize on your differences

* design the life of your dreams

Rasmussen grounds her advice with simple concepts that are both practical and just plain fun.

Here's an excerpt from Men are Easy: There Is No Such Thing as a Relationship:

Jenn is nervous about her upcoming marriage. Until recently, everything's been great with Mike. He's definitely been the right man, but now she's getting worried. Three hundred guests, $40,000, and he forgets to call about his tuxedo. He's spent more time with his friends and, just when she needs him, he's not listening!

She sees Mike's behavior as a warning of things to come. Even though she and Mike have been living together for two years, she has heard that the first year of marriage is always difficult and hard work, and she knows that over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.

Jenn thinks that Mike's attitude is something that has to be nipped in the bud before it's too late. She gets on him about the tuxedo, his friends, his lack of interest in the details, and his insensitivity. The harder she tries, the more he avoids her and the more desperate she gets when she sees him.

Seeing his lack of responsiveness and trying hard to straighten him out, she becomes more reactive and critical. She naively feels right about it. She is just trying to keep their relationship from floundering.

Mike can't relate to the preoccupation with the wedding preparations. He sees it all as a female thing, and is getting out of the way. Jenn's constantly on his case and he's annoyed. Briefly, he wonders what's going on, and he wonders if this is a taste of what's to come. But then he decides to blow it all off, attributing it all (correctly) to prewedding jitters. He figures that, when the wedding is over and they are on their honeymoon, things will get back to normal.

Jenn feels a greater sense of mission. She tries harder to communicate with him about everything. He's being so insensitive! She doesn't have time for this! The harder she tries, the more distant he gets.

Ironically, her attempts at making things right are creating the conditions that make marriage in the first year such hard work.

Poor Jenn. She is not only the firefighter. She is the arsonist.

Sound familiar? Men Are Easy shows how to step back from resentment and anger and see your relationship from his perspective. You will learn that communication is not the key, but that your state of mind in any moment is. When you're tired, grumpy, or angry, life is full of problems and all you want to do is communicate. You need to talk but his response to stress is to shut down.

The good news is that it's not that difficult. With a few basics, you and your man will be designing a life together that eliminates problems. You will find that you don't have to work on your marriage. Instead you will be playing in it.

Women in long term, happy marriages say, "It took me twenty years to figure out what this little book says!"

So don't waste your time struggling. Working at your relationship is like punching the wrong number into your cell over and over. The right number is instant connection.

Based on simple ideas from the new science of complexity, Men Are Easy cuts through psychobabble and spells out a new, very clear logic that makes sense for life today.

This book also makes a very special shower gift and or a valuable gift for your bridesmaids---and men love it. Buy it on Amazon today.

For media inquiries, contact Nanette Noffsinger at 615-776-4230 or via e-mail.


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